Strengthened Ties Between Benefactors Rider and Consid Aim to Attract Youth to IT

IT company Consid and the Rider initiative are partnering to help young people find pathways into the workforce. The goal is to spark an interest in the IT industry and bridge the gap between young people's skills and career opportunities.

Porträtt av Charlotte Magnusson. Leende kvinna i turkos blus och svart tröja, med oskarp bakgrund inomhus.
Peter Hellgren
Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid.

– There is a knowledge and network gap that causes young people to end up on the wrong path or feel lost when entering the workforce. Companies need people, and young people need jobs. We want to help them find each other. Not everyone has the support and knowledge at home about how to explore different industries or even what options are available. Being a ‘rider’ with us can help these young people find the right path, says Tim Omorogieva, CEO and frontman of Rider.

Rider is an initiative launched in Kristianstad with a focus on youth opportunities. By building bridges between the younger generation and the workforce, the goal is to lower the barriers to the job market. By giving young people the chance to try different professions, Rider, with local business figure Tim Omorogieva, aims to serve as a catalyst for the next generation of entrepreneurs in Kristianstad. The local reception of Rider has been positive, with the initiative recently being awarded Kristianstad’s Innovation Company of the Year.

Consid is entering the partnership as one of Sweden’s and the Nordics’ leading IT companies, with nearly 40 offices across Sweden and Northern Europe. To showcase the opportunities within IT, the project kicked off in Kristianstad with a workshop on May 22.

– IT and tech are future industries. This is where tomorrow’s technology and innovations are being created, which will soon have a significant impact on our lives. Highlighting IT as a viable career path and a way forward is key to continued innovation and digital transformation, says Peter Hellgren, CEO and founder of Consid.

Since its founding in 2000, the next generation and the belief in continued development have been central to Consid’s operations. When the internal initiative Consid Youth Education was launched, the goal was, like Rider, to inspire young people to pursue a career in IT.

– We are so happy to be part of this initiative. As a major player in the industry, we are passionate about supporting the IT stars of the future. It is important for us to share our knowledge, which is why we launched Consid Youth Education and collaborated with several vocational colleges to secure IT competence and contribute with our professional expertise. Together with Rider, we have the chance to reach young people even earlier, says Charlotte Magnusson, Head of Education at Consid.

Developers teach children programming in Scratch

Consid Youth Education

Consid Youth Education is our initiative to promote a technology interest in children. We organize several programming courses.
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