Consid Denmark Gains Significant Media Attention

Just over a year ago, Consid established its presence in Denmark. In recent weeks, the venture has garnered substantial recognition for its achievements in the Danish media.

Michael Lund Andersen, CEO of Consid Denmark
Michael Lund Andersen, CEO of Consid Denmark
Nathalie Besèr, Communications Manager Consid
Nathalie Besèr, Communications Manager Consid

– We are incredibly thrilled and proud of the successful establishment of our operations in Denmark. The past year has been an exciting journey for us, and to see how our efforts have garnered such positive attention in the Danish media is truly fantastic. It’s a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and building strong relationships with our customers and partners in Denmark. We look forward to continuing to grow and strengthen our presence in the Danish market, says Nathalie Besèr, Communications Manager at Consid.

The IT and communications company, Consid, is making notable strides in Denmark. Recently, the company’s new Danish CEO, Michael Lund Andersen, was featured in two extensive interviews on the site ItWatch.

Among other topics, the Danish CEO discussed future plans for expansion into other Danish cities.

– Our strategy of having a broader geographical presence in more locations in Denmark undoubtedly offers us significant opportunities in the mid-sized market segment, says Michael Lund Andersen to ItWatch, which also selected the news about Consid for its newsletters.

Over the weekend, he was also featured in the Danish business newspaper Børsen.

“Michael Lund Andersen has been appointed as the new Danish Country Manager at the Swedish consulting firm Consid. He has been employed at the consulting firm since April, initially serving as Sales Director. With this new promotion, it is anticipated that the workforce will increase significantly, and the consultancy will secure more public procurement contracts in Denmark going forward,” writes Børsen.

There’s also been movement on the business front. The new agreement between the Øresund Bridge Consortium and Consid was recently announced. Similar to the Swedish-Danish client company, the aim is for the project to be handled by both Swedish and Danish consultants.

ItWatch covered the deal and quoted Consid’s CEO and co-founder, Peter Hellgren.

– For us, it feels good to have a task that can encompass both Consid in Sweden and Consid in Denmark. The Øresund Bridge Consortium and the bridge itself are symbols of Swedish and Danish collaboration, so let it continue to be so, says Peter Hellgren, CEO and founder of the Consid Group.

Michael Lund Andersen also spoke about the cross-Øresund collaboration in one of his interviews with the site.

– It is also our ambition to be able to provide consultants from both southern Sweden and Denmark. Not because it is a goal in itself to be a cost-effective alternative, but right now there are certain opportunities for our clients to hire Swedish consultants, as the Swedish krona is at its lowest it has been in several decades, says Michael Lund Andersen to ItWatch.

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Consid in Copenhagen Denmark. Nyhamn with boat harbor and colorful buildings


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