Swedish IT giant establishes presence on H.C. Andersen Boulevard in central Copenhagen

In early May, the Swedish IT consulting firm Consid moved into new premises at Holckenhus on H.C. Andersen Boulevard 33, where the Danish team will now be based.

It has been almost six months since Consid established its presence in Denmark. During the initial phase, they have been operating from a serviced office, so it is with great joy that the soon-to-be 20 employees have finally found a space of their own.

Michael Lund Andersen, Commercial Director for Consid in Copenhagen, comments, “The office encompasses everything we desired in terms of both space and location, so the wait has certainly been worthwhile. Finding an office that meets specific criteria while simultaneously running a business has been a significant challenge. As a small team, managing our regular workload while simultaneously setting up a new office has naturally been a demanding task.”

At Consid, offices have become an integral part of the brand, as the surroundings contribute to the company’s strategy of enhancing employee well-being. At Consid, the office is not merely a place to work but rather should feel like a second home, a place people willingly choose to be.

“The past two years, Consid has been recognized as Sweden’s Best Workplace, and I am absolutely convinced that the offices and the atmosphere at Consid have had a significant impact on our employees’ satisfaction. In Copenhagen, we have now acquired a centrally located office with a fantastic view of Tivoli – it doesn’t get more ‘Copenhagen’ than that,” says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

Michael Lund Andersen also felt a great responsibility in finding the first office in Denmark, as offices are a crucial part of Consid’s branding.

“Several of our offices in Sweden have competed for the title of ‘Sweden’s Most Beautiful Office,’ so there was definitely pressure to find something here in Copenhagen that lives up to Swedish standards, which I believe we have succeeded in very well,” says Michael Lund Andersen.

The new office on H.C. Andersen Boulevard also holds a special significance for the Danish director.

“In fact, I used to live in the building when I was younger, so coming back here truly feels like coming home,” he concludes.

In addition to relocating to new office premises, Consid has also had a successful start in Copenhagen, achieving the goals set nearly six months ago. Upon establishing the first office in Denmark, the ambition was to employ 40 staff members and achieve a turnover of 40 million Danish kroner by 2023.

“We’ve had an excellent start here in Copenhagen. We have already hired 20 individuals with precisely the skills we need to create the best conditions for a successful business going forward. We have gained seven new clients since February. With this promising beginning, I am eager to see where we will be in six months’ time,” says Carl Hagberg, Managing Director at Consid, who has played a significant role in the Danish establishment.

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