Consid and Labour Union Vision in new Partnership: Building the Future “Digital Home”

Consid is stepping in as a comprehensive partner as Vision embarks on a significant investment in a new digital platform. The new platform will serve as a "digital home" and a central hub for all of Vision's operations.

Alexander Gustafsson, responsible for Consid's platform deliveries
Alexander Gustafsson, responsible for Consid's platform deliveries
Peter Hellgren
Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid.

– Vision is seeking a modern platform for digital services through which it can recruit new members and elected representatives while supporting the existing ones. We at Consid are incredibly pleased to have earned the trust to realize this vision and will do our utmost to make their goals a reality, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

Vision is a modern union for welfare professionals, currently boasting over 210,000 members. Vision.se was established in 2013, and since then, Vision has expanded with the addition of numerous services and requirements.

– Vision has never had more members than it does now, and we are committed to further increasing our union strength. Therefore, we are making a sustainable investment in a new digital platform for our current and future members and elected representatives, states Anna Svedbom, Head of Digital Channels at Vision and project lead.

Vision is now investing in a new digital platform with the goal of creating a “digital home” that leverages Vision’s capabilities, optimizes information management, and streamlines administration. This entails a new external website with various functionalities based on the visitor’s needs, a logged-in mode with additional services for members and elected representatives, and some consolidation of existing tools for improved usability.

– Consolidating all of Vision’s components in one digital home has several advantages. It will significantly enhance user-friendliness by providing members with personalized and digitized support. It will also reduce vulnerability in multiple systems and improve the working environment for employees, explains Sebastian Schrewelius, CSM at Consid.

Consid will contribute expertise throughout the project, including design, architecture, development, strategy, business development, and management.

– Consid has a deep understanding of the digital world and its challenges. Moreover, the company has extensive experience in building comprehensive and sustainable digital solutions that create business value. We are delighted to have Consid as a partner in this major initiative, says Anna Svedbom.

From Consid’s perspective, there is significant potential in this new collaboration.

– It became clear to us at Consid early on that Vision is a determined, strategic, and innovative organization. They have laid a solid foundation for the transformation. Vision also values partnership, collaboration, transparent dialogue, and shared responsibility in both success and setbacks. This aligns perfectly with Consid’s values, says Klara Hellman, Account Manager at Consid.

The platform to be used in developing the new digital home is Sitevision. Sitevision is an extremely flexible platform, with strengths including editor user-friendliness, high standard functionality, and the ability to combine user-friendliness with aesthetically pleasing design.

– Sitevision as a platform provides Vision with high flexibility and access to a wealth of standard functionality, making it the perfect choice for Vision. Vision’s website, magazines, and logged-in mode, often referred to as ‘My Pages,’ involve many editors. The platform’s user-friendliness empowers these editors to easily publish information on both public and logged-in pages, including local information for local clubs. Sitevision is delivered as a SaaS service, ensuring maximum availability and reliability—an extremely crucial aspect for Vision, says Alexander Gustafsson, Business and Partner Manager for Sitevision at Consid.

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