Strategic partnership with Consid and Sitevision

Sitevision web analysis with Piwik PRO

With Sitevision's web analysis, powered by Piwik PRO, you have the tools to build an impressive and conversion-focused website.

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Powerful web analysis seamlessly integrated within Sitevision

Optimize your website with powerful web analysis in Sitevision, based on the high-performance analytics tool Piwik PRO. Gain access to all the benefits of detailed web analysis and discover what your visitors truly prefer. Find out which content engages them the most, what they actively seek on your website, and whether your latest campaigns are reaching their goals. Also, identify the most popular pages to optimize your website and achieve the best possible results.

Optimized web analysis with Consid: Sitevision’s leading partner for Sitevision and Piwik PRO

Consid is a leading player in web analysis and an authority in maximizing the value of the platform through Sitevision web analysis. Consid’s broad experience and deep knowledge, including expertise in Piwik PRO and Matomo, make us a trusted partner. We have the ability to support our clients through every stage, from technical implementation, strategy, and analysis, to advanced optimization and customization within the web analysis domain.

Consid not only strives to offer high-quality technical services, but we also focus on providing our clients with a comprehensive experience. This includes strategic advice to identify business goals and operational efforts to streamline and improve the use of the Sitevision platform.

Consid places a high value on knowledge transfer and the development of our clients’ knowledge and skills. We provide comprehensive training packages in the field of web analysis, with a specific focus on Sitevision web analysis. Through these courses, our clients can enhance their competence and leverage the full potential of the tools to make informed decisions and optimize their digital presence.

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Consid & Sitevision in partnership

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Consid is the Nordic's leading Sitevision partner, as Platinum partner.

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