Personal effectivity

A man sitting at a desk holding a hand on his glasses in fornt of the computer.
This course focuses on personal effecticity, multitasking and getting things done. In this course, participants will get inspiration and practical tips based on research and experience to help make their working day more effective.

About the course

In this highly appreciated course, participants will gain inspiration, examples, and hands-on tips based on research and experience. The presented material is supplemented with exercises where participants work with the principles in their own work situations, applicable to virtually all types of professionals. The training is customizable for analogue or digital formats. In collaboration with the customer, we select exercises and elements that will provide the greatest benefit to the organization.

Within the framework mentioned above, the course can be tailored based on the tools used in your organization, as well as supplemented with examples from applications such as Outlook, Word, OneNote, Planner, and Teams. Now we can also offer a walk through on how Copilot, Microsofts AI feature, can be used to achieve effectiveness. 

Course hightlights 

  • Multitasking
  • Monotasking
  • Learning new habits
  • Getting things done and various dimensions

Supplementary training modules

  • Urgent vs. important
  • Time thieves
  • Two-minute rule
  • Efficient workflow
  • Effective email management
  • Productive meetings


Duration depending on the number of modules identified in the training.

Course type

The course is customizable for closed groups and can be held on-site or online.


Basic skills of Microsoft Office Suite.

Course goal

By using our valuable tips and tricks, along with simple tools you can improve the structure of your workday, freeing up precious time for a more impactful and focused workflow.


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