Boosting Customer Loyalty in Today's Business Climate

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Companies that focus on the customer are more sustainably successful, period. In my role as Domain Specialist, within CX and Commerce, I enable customer experiences to become a central part of a company's business and business development. I often get questions like; How to create measurable and delightful customer journeys? How do we optimise CX and Commerce in today's business climate? What should we be looking at right now in Commerce? In this blog post, I answer these questions to help you turn customers into loyal ambassadors.
Rebecca Börebäck, Domain Specialist CX & Commerce

Rebecca Börebäck

Domain Specialist within Customer Experience & Commerce

Rebecca Börebäck's experience in Customer Experience and Commerce goes back 15 years, and another 5 years in distance selling...

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How to create measurable and delightful customer journeys

At Consid, we approach everything we do with a Customer Experience (CX) mindset. One lesson I take with me in my work is that you can build success through any technology. But if you don’t combine technology with data and put the customer at the centre – you can’t design and create exceptional experiences that make your brand stand out from the competition.

Customer experience work must therefore be prioritised at management level and then permeate the entire organisation. Furthermore, metrics must be identified, measured and monitored to track success. It must not stop at subjective judgements, but should be based on insights and data. I see the best impact in organisations where all departments know and understand their role and impact on the customer experience.

Starting with the brand’s promises of what problem do we want to solve or what do we want to enable, instead of relying on internal conditions, creates profitable customer relationships and a natural raison d’être for the brand.

Optimising CX and Commerce in today’s business climate

Strategy & Growth, Branding & Communication and User Experience & Technology combine to create a powerful solution that will revolutionise your business.

With the current world and economic situation in mind, you should pay extra attention to the following points in the field of CX:

  • Never settle and constantly reassess.
  • Dare to do it again instead of doing the same thing.
  • Continuously audit your customer journey(s).

Things to look out for in Commerce: Digital Product Passport

Furthermore, in the current business environment and economic situation, you should look at the directives that affect e-commerce, among other things. For example, the Digital Product Passport (DPP).

In the current business environment and economic situation, it is even more important to work with user and customer satisfaction, your existing customers and to work with the right key figures and follow-up. Those who are in control will be able to accelerate or decelerate faster and thus be winners when the situation changes.

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