NKPG City brand platform

A vibrant city centre

NKPG City brand platform
It takes a collective effort to develop a city an including city centre where everyone feels like they belong. Consid was commissioned to develop a brand platform for NKPG City, a newly founded company with the mission to develop the dynamic city centre of Norrköping, Sweden. The result is a place brand which celebrates the history of Norrköping, simultaneously sets its sights on the future.

The challenge

Unlike other brands, there is never just one owner of a place brand. Place branding interplay with the physical location, commerce, restaurants, cultural offerings, and people. This in turn, creates a common thread which collectively creates the magic and positioning of a place brand.

With the new branding of NKPG, our vision was to renew the experience of the city and encourage the locals to portray their city from a new, fresh point of view, experiencing competition from nearby city centres and online shopping.

– Jazz or jeans, milkshake, or museum. The key part of the project is the collaborative initiative, strengthening diversity and increasing the attraction of NKPG CITY and creating a unique experience, says Martin Lannering, Head of Design at Consid.

The solution

The creative work was based on Norrköping’s central values – Diversity, Dynamism, Constant Transformation and Water. With these values in mind, we brainstormed ideas reflecting the brand with confidence and relevance, creating a solid base to develop the visual communication and messages.

The result

The brand inspiration rooted from Norrköping’s industrial history, influencing the city’s unique architectural profile. The logo has a boxy, mechanical design, inspired by old packaging stamps and markings of industrial facades and cargo containers.

– By collaborating, we are creating a more safe, pleasant city centre with a pulse, where everyone feels welcome, says Stina Storm, CEO of NKPG CITY.

The typography of the brand consists of typefaces reminiscent of old-time typewriters and early computerization. Using colours consisting of a palette of blue, green, yellow, and pink, inspired by the city’s distinct parts of watercourses, nature, parks, avenues, façade colours and its well-known yellow trams. Further, we visualized the experiences of NKPG City through photography, we are portraying curiosity and joy, urban diversity, smells and tastes, relationships.


In addition to developing the concept, name, and visual identity for the place brand of NKPG City, Consid was involved in the rollout of the brand. We have designed the city’s common gift card and shop, new website with associated brand content and produced pictures, illustrations, brochure, office templates, business cards, etc.

About NKPG City

NKPG City is a company co-owned by the business community – property owners, retail, hotels, and restaurants as well as many other types of companies and organizations. Together with Norrköping Municipality, the goal is to develop and strengthen city centre of Norrköping by making the city centre safe, accessible, and sustainable by communication and marketing that attracts more visitors.

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