Strong CX focus when rebranding Lundbergs

Lundbergs nye visuelle brand platform
Our comprehensive cooperation with Lundbergs Fastigheter is a prime example of our holistic CX approach, where we’ve undertaken an overall commitment in brand strategy, graphic design, content production, UX, web development, SEO, web analysis, and measurement. Learn more about the successful outcome.

For a sustainable city life

Lundbergs Fastigheter is one of Sweden’s largest private property companies. Lundbergs vision is to create sustainable living environments for everyone, under the motto “For a sustainable city life”.

The collaboration between Consid and Lundbergs started with the branding aspect where we developed a framework for how the brand transfer would be expressed and experienced by Lundbergs’ target groups. Early on we defined a clear CX strategy to align with business goals and establish an action plan for success. This included for example identifying key touchpoints in the customer journey and implementing data-driven solutions to improve customer experience and drive growth.

Effective communication and a strong brand identity build trust and loyalty and are critical to the success of any CX initiative. We focused on establishing strong brand presence on all connecting surfaces where the target groups meet, ensuring a consistent brand message aligned with the CX strategy. This part of the project included creating advanced templates in Office, marketing and information materials, prospectuses for vacant premises, roll-ups and business cards, icons, etc. Further along in the collaboration we also produced campaigns, a new company brochure, new photography branding guidelines, as well as profile material for Lundberg’s vehicle fleet and clothing.

The most important parts of the brand transfer were the development of the new website and My Pages. Primarily, we started off this part of the project by studying and defining the strategy around digital presence, development of concepts, technical architecture, wireframes, design, and finally production of the web. Naturally, research, SEO, web analysis, accessibility, and a continuous UX focus were also central elements in the development.

The result is a future-proof web, which not only is a part of the branding, but also streamlines internal processes, such as registration of interest/rental process and service notification. The new web has increased service features applied to end-customers and will in turn generate increasingly satisfied tenants.

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Nominee of the Publishing prize

Lundbergs Fastigheter’s company brochure was nominated for the Publishing prize 2021 in the category of Informational printed matters, as well as in the category of websites with marketing and operation focus.

This collaborative case is a great example of Consid being able to have a comprehensive commitment towards the consumer branding and communication, in all channels

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