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The pandemic quickly made Mathem a community service when more people chose to have their groceries delivered instead of going to the store. It was important to streamline internal communication. The intranet "Checkout" is now an easily accessible and shared home for all employees, regardless of their role. With automatic login via single sign-on or BankID, employees have access to internal communication that facilitates daily work and builds a sense of unity.

The challenge

In February 2020, Mathem began discussions about acquiring a new intranet for its approximately 2,000 employees. Three weeks later, the pandemic hit, and it quickly became clear that Mathem had a communication-heavy time ahead of them.

– Internal communication became incredibly important in relation to routines on how we at Mathem should behave towards each other and towards our customers to work safely, explains Lotta Olofsson, Head of Communications at Mathem.

Mathem became a socially important service when more people chose to click their groceries online instead of going to the store due to the pandemic. Also, a partially new target group began to shop for groceries online: high-risk groups and those aged 70+.

– The pressure was explosive. Our delivery times ran out in 10 seconds, and we worked tirelessly to meet demand, says Lotta Olofsson, Head of Communications at Mathem.

It was therefore necessary to work quickly to streamline communication during the pandemic.

– We conducted an analysis of the most important needs and what we could manage to develop in the short time. Then we mapped needs and time against each other. We worked closely with Consid, who were both solution-oriented and creative, says Lotta Olofsson.

The new intranet needed to be an easily accessible hub that all employees, regardless of their role, felt at home on, and where they could easily find what they were looking for.

The solution

– To reduce the threshold for accessing the intranet, Consid helped Mathem by providing a simple login process. Employees, therefore, use BankID for the majority of logins, which is a secure login method that many employees already have experience with. In this way, all employees have quick access without Mathem’s IT department needing to distribute and manage passwords. Additionally, employees who are on the office premises and visit the intranet via a ‘Mathem computer’ are automatically logged in via single-sign-on (SSO), says Alexander Gustafsson, Solution Architect at Consid.

As soon as employees log in, they are greeted with news updates, and they can also save their personal shortcuts.

For tech-driven Mathem, which has quickly transitioned from a startup to a mature company, employees had a need to strengthen the sense of unity and work towards common values and goals. The “We are Mathem” page was developed to build the company culture together with a shared calendar.

Likewise, the “Find a Colleague” search function was developed through an integration with the existing HR system, enabling employees to search for each other’s contact information, who works which shift, and other important information. The platform Consid built the solution on to create the right functionality for employees was Sitevision.

– Sitevision’s platform is easy to use and build upon over time. We started with intranet 1.0 and can continue to build upon it as time, resources, and more insights become available. It was also important for us to easily adapt the visual expression to reflect the Mathem brand, explains Lotta Olofsson.

The result

Mathem’s new intranet, “Checkout,” now provides employees with the support they need in their daily and collaborative work. The company culture has continued to grow on the gathering page “We are Mathem,” where employees regularly write blog posts to increase internal understanding of the various roles, while also using groups for discussions and collaboration.

– It feels great to have a sleek and accessible intranet where we can gather all internal communication and other content that provides employees with the support they need in their work, says Lotta Olofsson.

Mathem now has its sights set on further developing the functions and content of the intranet.

About Mathem

Mathem is Sweden’s leading pure-play e-commerce operator for groceries with home delivery. The company is a tech-driven supermarket that offers a convenient e-commerce service for groceries, kitchen products, home furnishings, pharmacy products, and prescription drugs. Mathem owns the entire value chain. With a smart and well-developed e-commerce platform on the website and in the app, a wide range of high-quality products, three logistics facilities, and its own distribution organization, Mathem takes customers’ orders all the way to their homes. Mathem is located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and reaches around 55 percent of Swedish households.

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