Communication concept gives Malmbergs a clear direction

We are generation Zero

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We developed a new communication concept for Malmberg, giving the company a clear direction. Learn more about our journey below.


Malmberg’s long history reaches back to the April 7th when Master blacksmith Jöns Mattisson-Malmberg founded the company. Water was his greatest passion and led him to develop new drilling techniques. The first wells were drilled in 1880s and Malmberg has stuck to its core business around water.

Today Malmberg has four key business areas:

Sewage and water treatment

Involves complete solutions in sewage and water treatment for industries and local authorities globally.

Biogas plants

Malmberg’s biogas plants produce environmentally friendly and profitable biomethane gas to inject into gas networks or use for vehicle fuels, contributing to reduced global carbon dioxide emissions.


Malmberg’s system utilizes natural heat and cold from the groundwater or rocks. This results in reduced energy consumption and operating costs and protects our environment.

Well drilling

Well drilling involves advanced technology and requires unique skills.

The mission

The case starting point was Malmberg’s vision for an innovative approach in their communication, updating their visual identity to strengthen the brand image as well and creating red thread across all business areas. Highlighting the company culture and the vision was prioritized and a key part of the mission.

Why Malmberg?

We focused on two parts of the mission, based on the insight of Malmberg’s business mission. Through creating innovative solutions in environmental technology, Malmberg contributes to the UN’s global sustainability goals. In a time when sustainability is more important than ever, how can we communicate this important mission in a striking way? Why choose Malmberg – as a supplier or workplace? Answering these questions, combined with the company’s vision and mission became the base for a platform which is inspired by culture and communication, and in turn positions the Malmberg brand.

Malmberg’s vision

Malmberg’s vision is to be the leading cleantech company, aiming for a circular society of clean energy and clean water.

Malmberg’s mission

Clean energy. Clean water. Focusing on caring for our world and its resources.


We launched the new communication concept, based on the vision and mission: We are generation Zero.

We are generation Zero

“Malmberg is a family business that has made a difference for generations. Today we are aiming higher than ever to meet the biggest challenge of our time. With our customers and employees, we must strive towards zero.”

”Join our aim for nothing. Zero emissions, zero contaminants, zero waste. To overcome the biggest challenge of our generation, we must aim for nothing.”

We also launched a new manifesto:

“We need nothing, and it is an urgent matter. We have worked towards creating a cleaner world for over 150 years by designing, building, and maintaining facilities for water treatment, biogas and Geoenergy, as well as being experts in well drilling. To overcome the greatest challenge of our generation, we must aim low. Our ambition is zero emissions, zero toxins, and zero waste.”

A forward direction for the entire company

Consid, together with everyone at Malmberg’s are proud and convinced that our new communication concept will also be a strong contributor to the entire company’s direction going forward.

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