Electric Vehicle Charging Company Mer

Launching a unified web platform across multiple markets

Synergies across borders with a WordPress solution that works seamlessly.

The choice fell on Consid when Mer, the Norwegian-owned charging company dedicated to electrifying the transportation sector, sought to consolidate its five market websites onto a single platform. With a unified WordPress solution seamlessly functioning across borders, Mer is launching a uniform web platform that accommodates the unique needs of each market. Two of the markets currently have e-commerce, and the possibility to implement it in the future exists for the others.

The Challenge

Mer’s significant challenge was to maintain brand cohesion across four markets in the digital environment. The company operates in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom—markets that share a brand and graphic profile but have market-specific needs and offerings. A commonality among all is their commitment to electrification, utilizing their websites to generate customer interest. There was also a demand for a scalable e-commerce solution.

Mer had a considerable need for a website with a content management system that is easy for editors and content producers to update and work with. As the markets in each country would launch their websites in multiple languages, it was crucial to optimize through SEO analysis without internal content competition.

The Solution

A Democratic Development Process

In the initial stage, interviews were conducted with representatives from all countries to gather the challenges and preferences of each market in the process. Throughout the project, we have consistently prioritized maintaining a democratic development process, allowing everyone to have a voice.

Unified Design

We developed a consistent UX design based on the existing graphic profile, with a focus on elements that clearly unite the markets and are internationally applicable. The design includes flexible modules capable of accommodating various types of content, suitable for any market.


Two of Mer’s markets required e-commerce right from the launch, while the other desired the option for the future.

Although the products and services in the markets fall within the same segment, the offerings differ. Therefore, we built an e-commerce solution that handles various types of offers. Classic e-commerce functionalities, such as well-presented product information and space for additional data in collapsible text areas, provide a sleek and comprehensible impression even for the most complex products.

Market-Specific Systems

To meet the specific needs of different markets, we integrated various systems for tasks such as:

  • Gathering product information from Visma
  • Order management in Visma and QuickBooks
  • Collecting customer data for Zoho, Dynamics, and Hubspot

SEO for Minimal Internal Competition

We conducted an SEO analysis with a focus on ensuring that the English-language versions of subdomains do not compete in search results.

The Result

Consid has built a website where all markets benefit from the synergies generated by a cohesive and unified web solution. We deliver a WordPress solution with integrations for e-commerce and CRM.

The result is a stylish, modern website with a consistent and cohesive design for all subdomains. With a focus on clarity and simplicity, both in messaging and design, we have combined minimalist styling with flexibility for the communication needs of each market.

We deliver a project with satisfied customers in multiple countries who have also been involved in steering to ensure their needs are met.

About Mer

Mer is a European EV charging company that combines the best of two worlds on its way to achieving its goal of driving the major shift towards electrification in Europe. By working with both renewable energy and e-mobility, Mer makes sustainable travel accessible to more people.

Customer Experience

Turn customers into loyal advocates. Our services leverage design and tech to create seamless, engaging experiences, with metrics to track success and measure satisfaction.

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