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Bucket Hub case
How do you get more people in the excavation industry to choose excavators made of SSAB’s steel Hardox? By combining insights, data, and technology under an overarching CX mindset, we designed a solution that means easier purchases for the industry, more leads for manufacturers and a greater demand for Hardox steel.

The easy way to a better bucket

SSAB manufactures the Hardox steel, which is suitable for tough use, such as excavators. Although many companies know that a custom scoop from a manufacturer that uses Hardox will do the job better and last longer, the general knowledge of Hardox’s advantages in parts of the excavation industry was insufficient. There was also a spread perception that ordering a bucket made to measure was much more difficult than buying a cheaper standard one. Especially small and medium-sized excavation companies often chose to buy mass-produced “standard buckets” of inferior steel.

We understood that a pure branding campaign for Hardox would not be enough to change this behaviour; it called for a comprehensive CX approach. We put together a cross-functional team of experts in insights and growth, brand and communication, and UX and technology. Following our proven work method, we developed the free e-commerce service, which made the purchase of a custom bucket both easier and safer. The service makes it possible for customers to design their bucket with just a few clicks, and then send the request directly to selected manufacturers who use Hardox in their production. also provides valuable information on various relevant topics, such as safety and properties of different steel qualities, as well as advice on how to optimise machine lifespan and use equipment in the most efficient manner.

Win-win-win solution

Through, the bespoke Hardox bucket has become the easiest purchase.

The end customer gets better buckets, the manufacturers get new leads, and SSAB increases the use of Hardox in the excavation industry. A win-win-win solution.

Bucket Hub caseBucket Hub caseBucket Hub case
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