The region of Gothenburg's resource for distance education

Göteborgsregionens nya webb för distansundervisning, Distanspedagogik.se, utvecklad av Consid
The current situation in the world and Sweden with covid-19 has resulted in distance education for a lot of people. To support educators we developed the website distanspedagogik.se. together with The region of Gothenburg.

The demands on educators in the current situation is many. A lot of teachers, students and parents are unfamiliar with the new technology and have difficulty navigating all the different online tools available on the market. The region of Gothenburg asked us for help with an informative website where everyone concerned can find information, get answers to questions and take part in advice.

Due to the rapid development of covid-19 and its consequences, there was a great need to put the web into operation immediately. We received the request to develop and design the new website distanspedagogik.se at the end of March 2020 and already after Easter it was launched.

The challenge

A major challenge was to meet the need in a short time as the issue was urgent. Distance education at upper secondary school level was already a fact and The region of Gothenburg wanted to make it easier for unfamiliar students and educators as soon as possible. They wanted to create a competence bank where you can take part in how to handle the situation, available tools, tips and tricks and how to act going forward.

The challenge was to quickly create an interface, structure and develop the website. With an offensive but effective time frame, we went from idea to finished product in just a few weeks. Through flexibility and mutual trust, we managed to make wise decisions at a high pace.

– The municipalities have done a fantastic conversion work to distance education in just a few weeks. The region of Gothenburg want to be an important piece of that puzzle, Kristoffer Hedram at The region of Gothenburg says.

The solution

The platform used in this project is SiteVision. A choice that will work well even in a longer perspective. The website is operated in SiteVision Cloud, which gives The region of Gothenburg a reliable website with high scalability to cope with any traffic peaks. All data is kept in Swedish data centers with the highest possible security.

The design process has been done in close collaboration with web developers and The region of Gothenburg. Together, workshops were conducted on content structure and design.

The result

The result, Distanspedagogik.se, is an easy-to-navigate website with a stripped-down design. In a short time, Consid has delivered a website with advanced functionality. The project created customer value in the midst of a crisis, but are also long-term work that can be further developed and made adaptable.

In parallel with the project, a mapping work with challenges and solutions was made to make the current situation visible in a total of 20 municipalities within Västra Götaland. This means that the page will be continuously updated based on the municipalities’ needs and issues.

– In record time, we have managed to develop a resource for those active in the school linked to distance education. We received funding from The region of Västra Götaland just a few weeks ago, so it’s incredible to see how you can achieve so much in such a short time; how quickly an organization can turn around and allocate resources to such important work with the goal of supporting the municipalities in their continued work. This shows that the issue is important and prioritized, from the time the project application was approved to the launch of the site, Kristoffer Hedram in The region of Gothenburg says.

About The region of Gothenburg

The region of Gothenburg consists of 13 municipalities that work together. These consist of Ale, Alingsås, Gothenburg, Härryda, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Lerum, Lilla Edet, Mölndal, Partille, Stenungsund, Tjörn and Öckerö. Together, they run development projects, have government assignments, research, arrange education and are the voice of the metropolitan region in western Sweden.

They have collaborated since the 1940s and today politicians and officials meet to exchange experiences, develop ideas and decide on common goals and initiatives. The region of Gothenburg today pursues issues in several areas such as education, health care, the labor market and much more.

Göteborgsregionens nya webb för distansundervisning, Distanspedagogik.se, utvecklad av Consid

To be able to launch a service three weeks after start that supports educators in their work - that feels great.

Tobias Svensson, UX-designer at Consid

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