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Consid supports the child rights organization War Child with technical expertise in the award-winning educational program Can't Wait to Learn. This is how we provide children in refugee camps with digital education.

We give children in war a future

Consids develops digital education solutions

We at Consid support the international children’s rights organization War Child with technical expertise in the award-winning educational program Can’t Wait to Learn. Consid’s consultants develop digital education solutions for War Child and which provide children in refugee camps with digital education. Consid’s CEO, Peter Hellgren, is a member of War Child Sweden’s board.

International Child Rights Organization War Child

War Child focuses on the at least 160 million children living in war or conflict. The organization is currently present in about 20 countries. Through creative and innovative forms of activity, they combine concrete work in the field with research and method development. The organization supports children to process their traumatic experiences, to build their self-confidence and to dare to trust other people again. Through the acclaimed education project Can’t Wait to Learn, the organization provides hundreds of thousands of children with the education they are entitled to, but which they have not previously received.

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War Child’s operations in Lebanon.

War Child creates a safe environment where children can recover and find the power to break the vicious circle of violence and war. In the long run, this means that the children grow up to be healthier adults with the opportunity to build a stable and peaceful future for themselves, the society and the country in which they live.

War Child cannot reach all children themselves, but their methods can. UNICEF and OCHA are examples of actors who have taken part in War Child’s expertise.

Within the sustainability agenda, War Child focuses on SDG3 / health, SDG4 / education, SDG5 / gender equality, SDG16 / peaceful coexistence and SDG17 / partnership. Most notable is War Child’s work to promote mental health and to provide the right kind of psychosocial support (MHPSS) to children in war and conflict.

War Child Sweden

War Child Sweden contributes to the international network with cutting-edge expertise on integration, peace and conflict and gender issues. The Stockholm office focuses on a few countries where they build competence around education and mental health. They provide psychosocial support for children and guardians as well as education. The importance of early intervention for mental health can not be overestimated.

War Child Sweden also runs integration projects for newly arrived young people. Together with Scania, they introduce new arrivals to the labor market. In collaboration with Friskis & Svettis, we provide newly arrived knowledge about the right of public access and Swedish nature. Another new collaboration is with IBM, on digitization and newcomers. Consid thus supports War Child with technical expertise.

Recently, War Child was given the prestigious assignment to, along with Karolinska Institutet, lead a national network for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support.

Works worldwide

War Child works worldwide. From Colombia to Iraq, Congo, Afghanistan and Ukraine. The organization is currently present in 15 countries. What drives the organization is every child’s right to grow up and develop to their full potential. For no child has ever started a war. Yet they are often the first victims of war.

Read more about War Child Sweden here. At present, their website is only in Swedish.

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