Winners crowned in this year’s Considition in collaboration with Coca-Cola in Sweden

Considition 2023, in partnership with Coca-Cola in Sweden, has concluded. A record number of teams competed to find the best AI solution to reduce the environmental impact of single-use beverage packaging. The winner, Mathias Berg, with the team name ToiletInc from Sundsvall, is a true Considition veteran.

Considition 2023 team at the Stockholm office
Considition 2023 team at the Stockholm office
Considition 2023. team
Considition 2023. team

– It’s incredibly exciting. I started off poorly, but as we progressed to the final maps, I felt that I could actually win. It’s the most enjoyable Considition I’ve participated in. Of course – I won, says Mathias Berg, who works at Consid in Sundsvall.

A record number of teams, 210 in total, from 70 different cities in 22 different countries participated in this year’s Considition.

In collaboration with Coca-Cola in Sweden, the focus for this year’s Considition was on developing solutions for the future sustainable beverage consumption – with intelligent algorithms. Significant progress is being made in the food industry to reduce the industry’s climate impact, but many challenges remain, especially regarding packaging. The challenge for this year’s Considition participants was to create an algorithm that contributes to encouraging more consumers to choose more sustainable ways to consume beverages.

– We have ambitious sustainability goals, including achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain by 2040. To reach that goal, a reduced climate footprint from packaging is crucial. We look forward to reviewing all the solutions from this year’s hackathon to see if there is an opportunity to develop AI solutions for future sustainable beverage consumption, says Thérèse Sundberg, Sustainability Manager at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Sweden.

Considition is one of Sweden’s largest hackathons, and in previous years, nearly 200 teams and over 400 of Sweden’s brightest developers have participated in the competition. The first Considition was held in 2017, and in recent years, some of Sweden’s most important companies have been involved in organizing the hackathon, such as Axfoundation, Riksbyggen, and Budbee.

– It was a fantastic hackathon with a lot of excitement. We are delighted that we at Coca-Cola in Sweden got to be part of Considition this year and that so many teams wanted to participate in our sustainability challenge. We now look forward to delving into the solutions that have emerged during the competition, says Björn Hellqvist, Head of Digital at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Sweden.

The EU also focuses on the challenges of single-use packaging. The new Single-Use Plastics (SUP) directive from the EU regulates the use of single-use packaging to prevent and reduce the impact on climate, marine environments, and human health.

– It’s great to see so many participants, and this year’s Considition is the closest so far. It was uncertain until the last moment. Considition is much more than just a hackathon. Participants create concrete solutions for some of our time’s biggest challenges, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

In second place was Lova Stribén, Consid in Malmö, and in third place were Försvarslogistikerna, consisting of Dennis Theng and Henrik Hellenborg. The best student team (Team Cobra) was Elsie Chan and Tsz Fung Yau from the University of Toronto.

The first prize in this year’s Considition is a trip to Berlin to learn more about AI and sustainability.

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Considition – In Collaboration with Ikano Bank

Considition is an AI hackathon with a focus on solving sustainability challenges. Every year, it collaborates with a new partner to tackle a fresh challenge.
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