Consid’s corporate culture is portrayed in Norrbottens-kuriren: “It really permeates the walls. The employees are truly the number one priority.”

Consid was recently named Sweden's best employer. This was noted by the local newspaper Norrbottens-kuriren, which visited the Consid office in Luleå.

Region North Norrland was awarded Region of the Year att the Consid gala.

– It’s work that has been ongoing for many years and has created a culture where employees truly come first with a high level of involvement and humility. It may sound like clichés, but it is truly lived out here, responds Helene Elfving to the newspaper when asked why Consid has been honored with the title for the third consecutive year.

A significant part of Consid’s employer brand is its offices, something that Norrbottens-kuriren highlights in its article: “Then it also has a lot to do with how the premises are designed. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and the rooms on Kyrkogatan in Luleå don’t feel much like offices. The break room feels more like a living room with a TV on the wall, inviting seating, and a cozy sofa. The bonus is the view of the Southern harbor.

– All offices, or meeting places as we call them, throughout the country look pretty much the same. We have a lot of hangout areas with pool tables, ping pong tables, and a dartboard, creating an environment where people like to stay and hang out after work, Helene Elfving explains.
A bit like a recreation center?
– Yes, a bit like that.”

There is no doubt that the team in Luleå enjoys their work. During the Consid Gala last week, the Northern Norrland region, with offices in Luleå and Umeå, was named the Region of the Year.

Helene Elfving tells Norrbottens-kuriren how they work to ensure that everyone feels included, even those who don’t normally work in the office:
– We have a lot of activities so that those in other locations really feel that they belong to us and don’t just receive their paycheck from here, she says.
– Last week, some people stayed at the office to play board games and eat sushi.

Read the full article here.

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