Warsalongen: Auction for the Benefit of Children in War

Sabina von Essen, Karin Broos, and Cecilia Edefalk, some of Sweden's most prominent artists, have contributed their works to this year's edition of the art auction Warsalongen. Warsalongen is organized by the child rights organization War Child in collaboration with Uppsala Auction House. Today, the exhibition concludes with a live auction where all money goes to benefit children in war and conflict.

Josefin Tolstoy "Sisters at the same table".
Josefin Tolstoy "Sisters at the same table".
Lisa Ling "Friends".
Lisa Ling "Friends".

“Children growing up in war zones face challenges that most of us will never have to experience. Their resilience is remarkable, but without the right support, the lasting effects of their experiences can impact them for the rest of their lives. Through our work at War Child, we strive to give these children the tools they need to not only survive but to thrive. Art is a powerful method that allows them to explore and express their feelings in a safe and supportive way, which is crucial for their recovery and future well-being,” says Peter Brune, Secretary-General at War Child.

Today, around 240 million children are forced to grow up in war and conflict, and the need for support is becoming increasingly acute. These children, who suffer from the wars of adults, need help to process their traumatic experiences – a necessity for them to develop into secure individuals. The child rights organization War Child is at the forefront of providing this support by using well-founded methods and innovative projects. One of their core activities is to utilize art as a tool for psychosocial rehabilitation, which gives children a way to express and process their feelings.

This year’s edition of Warsalongen is organized by Uppsala Auktionskammare in Stockholm, together with War Child. Warsalongen gathers works by well-known artists Eka Acosta, Carin Bildt, Anna Brandt, Karin Broos, Cecilia Edefalk, Sabina von Essen, Stefan Gadnell, Karin Holmström, Pieter Ten Hoopen, Saadia Hussain, Amanda Karlsson, Clay Ketter, Lisa Ling, Karolina Palmér, Pernilla Roos, Maria Sandström, Helene Schmitz, Matilda Skoglund, Timo Solin, Moley Talhaoui, Marianne Tan, Erik Thörnqvist, Josefin Tolstoy, Andy Voitka, and Stina Wirsén. All proceeds from the auction go directly to War Child’s operations.

The live auction is being held today. You can participate in it here.

Consid is a proud partner of War Child.

Children laughing in front of text war child.

War Child

Consid supports with technical expertise and develops digital education solutions for War Child, which gives children in war a future.
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