Three thrilling days – now ECEC is set to be decided

The opening three days of the European Corporate Esports Championship, ECEC, have come to a close. 79 CS:2 and 19 Rocket League matches have been played – resulting in both drama and dominant victories.

Amanda Heldring, Project Manager at Consid.
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ECEC will end on Thursday night with a final round of CS:2 and Rocket League.

ECEC is heading towards a decisive conclusion on Thursday night. During the final evening, Thermia Vi Värmer will face off against Strawberry Stordalen Fanclub in Rocket League, and in CS:2, Inet AB Klar För Start will take on Advania Hellgamers.

Let’s take a look at the quartet’s journey to the final.

It was heaven against hell already on day one when Advania Hellgamers clashed in a derby against Advania Heavengamers, with a final score of 13–3 in favor of Hellgamers, who could then advance to the second round. Of the six Advania teams registered, all but Hellgamers fell during ECEC’s second day. In their semi-final, Hellgamers faced Sitevision eco. Advania won that match convincingly with a score of 13 – 5, thus advancing to the final in the lower bracket against Axis Communications Elobussen. That match, which was the last match of the evening, also became one of the most exciting. Advania gained a narrow lead, leading for much of the game by a couple of points, and had a chance to decide the match at 12 – 10. But Axis couldn’t be counted out. Not only did they equalize and take the match to overtime, they even took the lead. However, Advania managed to keep their cool and eventually won 16 – 13.

Inet AB convincingly started ECEC and continued on the same path. Before the final, they are the only undefeated team.

– It’s very impressive, they’ve gone clean this far and had an incredible streak during the second day with only twelve lost points and a point difference of 39–12 over the three matches, says Amanda Heldring, project manager for ECEC.

The semi-final evening on Wednesday offered a real battle between Inet and Axis Communication. Both of these teams have shown great skill in their previous matches, and the first half of the match was even, going to the halftime break at 6 – 6. However, in the second half of the match, Inet showed that they were the sharper team that evening and eventually won quite comfortably with a score of 13 – 7.

In Rocket League, Thermia Vi Värmer is pitted against Strawberry Stordalen Fanclub. The latter started with two victories, 2–0 and 2–1, before we saw a prequel to the final in the fourth round.

Stordalen Fanclub took the lead, but Thermia staged an impressive comeback and secured their spot in the final with the final touch of overtime.

The defeat meant that the Strawberry team on Wednesday faced Sickla Foto and the home team Consid Never Concedes.

In the first match, Sickla Foto faced Consid. After a close battle, the home team was defeated when Sickla emerged victorious, 2–1.

The battle for the final spot now became a replay of yesterday’s clash between Sickla Foto and Strawberry Stordalen Fanclub, albeit only on paper. Strawberry showed their class and secured a convincing 2–0 victory.

The finals will be played starting at 17:30 on Thursday. The matches will be streamed on Consid’s Twitch channel, with the broadcast starting at 17:00.

Consid’s Twitch channel

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