Europe’s top company in E-sports will be crowned!

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15 Apr
17:30 - 23:00
Amanda Heldring

Participate in the European Corporate E-sports Championship on April 15-18, 2024, to compete for the title of Europe’s best corporate esports team! Register your team for free further down on the page and represent Sweden against other companies from across Europe.

Amanda Heldring


For any questions, concerns, or cancellations, please contact amanda.heldring@consid.se.

Is your company the best in Europe in e-sports?

Represent your company – become the European champion in e-sports

The European Corporate Esports Championship (ECEC) 2024, also known as the Corporate E-sports European Championship, will be held from April 15th to 18th and is organized by Consid. The championship will be entirely remote, with matches starting in the evenings at 5:30 PM.

The championship will be broadcasted on Consid’s Twitch channel, the final games on Thursday is being broadcasted live, featuring some of Sweden’s top esport profiles. 

Register your company’s team via the form further down on this page. There is no maximum number of teams per company; each company can register multiple teams.

What are the prizes?

In addition to the honor and the prestigious ECEC trophy, a prize pool totaling about €7,000 will be distributed during the final games. The prizes for the top three corporate teams in both games are distributed as follows:

Rocket League

First prize: 12,000 SEK in gift cards & winner hoodies
Second prize: 6,000 SEK in gift cards
Third prize: 4,500 SEK in gift cards


First prize: 20,000 SEK in gift cards & winner hoodies
Second prize: 10,000 SEK in gift cards
Third prize: 7,500 SEK in gift cards

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How does it work?

All companies in Europe are invited to compete in the ECEC. You can easily register your team through the form below. The only requirement is that you have three people from the same company (for Rocket League) or five people from the same company (for CS:2) ready to represent your company in ECEC 2024. Since the two games will be played simultaneously during the tournament, it will not be possible to register the same players for both games.

How ECEC 2024 is played

The championship runs for four days from April 15th to 18th. All matches are played in the evenings, starting at 17:30. On the final day, April 18th, the finals for both games will be played, which will also be broadcasted from our studio, while the other days will be sporadically broadcasted with commentators.

Join the Discord server

Once you have signed up for the competition, you are warmly welcomed into our Discord server where the main communication regarding the championship will take place. Feel free to join there for additional information, to ask questions, or to connect with the ECEC 2024 community.

Double elimination

The championship is played in Double elimination format, which means that each team is guaranteed to play at least two matches. For Rocket League, each round is played in a best of three matches format until the final, where it will be a best of five matches format. For CS2, the matches are played in single elimination rounds, while in the final, it will be a best of three matches format.

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Sign-up for CS2

Click the link to access the registration for CS2 directly.

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Europas bästa företag i e-sport ska krönas. 2 animerade män med vapen.

Sign-up for Rocket League.

Click the link to access the registration for Rocket Leauge directly.

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Animerade bilar som är vridna åt olika håll. Flera olika färger.


The last day to register for the tournament is April 8th, 2024. You register your company through the form on this page.

In Rocket League, it requires three people in each team, as the matches during ECEC 2024 will be played 3 vs 3 in Rocket League. For CS:2, it’s 5 vs 5, so you need to have five people in each team.

There is no limit to how many teams can register from each company. Therefore, it is possible to register additional teams from a company that already has one or more teams registered.

ECEC will be broadcasted via Consid’s Twitch channel. During the first few days, selected matches will be broadcasted, and during the final games on Thursday, April 18th, all matches will be broadcasted from a studio featuring well-known names in the world of e-sports.

The last day to register for the tournament is April 8th, 2024.

Yes, it is open for any companies and individuals to register for ECEC 2024. The only requirement is that all players are employed by the same company and thus represent the company in the championship.

As an individual, it is unfortunately not possible to compete in both games, as the matches in both games will be played simultaneously. However, there is no limit to how many teams each company can have. Therefore, spread the word and encourage colleagues to register more teams!

To compete and represent your company or organization, you must be at least 18 years old and be employed directly by the company/organization/group. All participants will be verified, and documentation may be required in case of suspicion of deviations, for example, for interns.

Full-time employees, part-time employees, and interns are examples of employment forms that are acceptable.

In other words, for example, consultants and staffing colleagues are not allowed to compete for companies other than the company where they are employed. That is, the consulting or staffing company they are employed by.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us in the #support channel  in Discord.