Thomas Eriksson – The Man of Dual Revolutions Envisions a New Future for Streaming

Forget about streaming, buffering, and running out of storage on your devices. The Swedish company UXStream aims to usher in a new paradigm shift in the digital era. They call it MIRS – Mobile Interactive Real Time Streaming.

– Traditionally, with classic streaming technology, you download sections of a movie to watch later. What we do is, instead of downloading a movie, you download the actual application in real-time. It’s as if you have a long HDMI cable extending from a data center where the application is running, directly to your mobile device. And the transmission and technology that make this work, we call it MIRS, explains Thomas Eriksson, CEO and founder of UXStream.

He pioneered swipe technology in the early 2000s, long before Apple, fundamentally altering how we interact with technology, phones, tablets, and computers. Now, Thomas Eriksson aims to reshape the mobile market once again, this time with a unique technology that allows us to stream apps instead of downloading them. And yes, the patent could potentially be worth billions.

– I believe that this could potentially hold substantial value, as many would likely find it challenging to do without this today. That’s my perspective, asserts Thomas Eriksson in the Digital Influencer podcast.

Similar to Håkan Lans, whose invention brought color to computer screens, Thomas Eriksson has already navigated a complex patent battle against tech giants. Previously, his former company Neonode sued Apple and Samsung.

– In my role as CEO of Neonode, I invested a considerable amount of time and resources into researching and laying the groundwork for what is now being used in this context, by examining how these companies violate these patents… And I believe the timing for this seems opportune.

The dispute is ongoing. Amidst this, another revolutionary idea has taken shape and gained momentum: the next generation of streaming.

– Presently, a significant challenge in application development is the need to test them on various platforms, as they behave differently across different versions and operating systems, or when used on fast or slow mobile devices… So, it’s largely about that, and making the consumption of these types of products more enjoyable, explains Thomas Eriksson, highlighting the uniqueness of the MIRS technology.

– In this scenario, you can play Call of Duty or advanced games on anything from watches to basic mobiles that cost 200 EUR, and the experience is just as swift as playing it on your home computer.

UXStream is currently in a commercialization phase. Soon, the first actual product, a smartwatch, will be launched. Thomas Eriksson envisions that in the near future, they can compete with Apple on fronts other than just the patent courtroom.

– Infrastructure changes must also come into play. Currently, what we find most intriguing is the development of 4G, 5G, and 6G, which suddenly make it possible to stream content in this manner. As a result, smaller companies can also start competing with these major corporations, as the infrastructure is not monopolized, elaborates Thomas Eriksson.

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