Consid Earns Coveted Nomination for Global Innovation Honour, Go Global Awards

The renowned IT and communications powerhouse, Consid, has once again garnered a nomination for the esteemed global accolade, Go Global. The distinguished award is set to be bestowed during a gala event scheduled in Rhode Island later this year, where Consid proudly stands among the distinguished finalists.

– We are absolutely delighted to secure yet another nomination for this prestigious award. Throughout this year, we have steadfastly showcased our prowess in innovation across the organization, along with an unwavering commitment to outperforming our past achievements. This commitment resonates across all facets of our operations, spanning from our core role in digital development to our resolute dedication to sustainability. The nomination stands as a testament to the dedication of every single one of our employees, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

The award is conferred by the International Trade Council in conjunction with Rhode Island Commerce, an accolade previously clinched by Consid in 2022. Bestowed annually, this recognition honours enterprises that propel the economy forward through a conscientious blend of innovative practices, cutting-edge technology, and astute strategic management.

– At Consid, we have never shied away from bold investments even in the face of adversity. While a growing number of companies tighten their belts, we press ahead. Notably, despite prevailing economic challenges, we have continued to expand our workforce, escalate our international pursuits, and remain committed to upholding these efforts into 2024. However, this march forward is intricately interwoven with a steadfast commitment to our employees, where our values remain resolute without compromise. Our employees stand as the linchpin of our success, underlining our paramount focus on their well-being, emphasized Peter Hellgren.

The gala event is earmarked for the illustrious city of Providence, Rhode Island, USA, from November 6th to 8th later this year.

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