The nominees for the Consid Gala 2023 have been selected

It is once again time for one of the year's grandest celebrations – the Consid Gala! The Consid Gala is Consid's annual event held at Stockholm City Hall, where individuals and projects that have excelled in driving digitalization and gender equality initiatives forward in Sweden and the IT industry are honored. This year's nominees represent a blend of beloved artists, Swedish entrepreneurs, and emerging digital personalities.

Consid annually celebrates the company’s successes and pays tribute to individuals deserving of recognition from the past year at the glamorous Consid Gala. In accordance with tradition, this gala evening takes place in Stockholm City Hall on November 18th, offering live music, performances, and, most notably, the presentation of the recurring awards: Digital Influencer of the Year, eQualizer of the Year, Digital Rising Star of the Year, Digital Honorary Award of the Year, and the War Child Award by Consid.

This year’s nominees represent a diverse mix of beloved artists, Swedish entrepreneurs, and emerging talents who have shone particularly brightly in the digital realm over the past year.

– Consid Gala is one of the paramount events each year, both for us internally at Consid and for our esteemed external guests. It is an evening dedicated to honoring and celebrating those individuals who contribute daily to the collective digital development in various ways and use their platforms to create a positive impact on others, stated Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

The Digital Influencer of the Year award is presented to an individual who, throughout the year, has demonstrated significant entrepreneurship and engagement through digital means, leaving a commendable mark in the digital sphere. Previous recipients have included entrepreneurs and music creators such as Björn Ulvaeus and Bianca Ingrosso. This year’s nominees are none other than Petter Stordalen, Sara Wimmercrantz, Thèrése Naess, and Josef Fares.

– With the Digital Influencer of the Year award, we aim to recognize individuals who, in the past year, have used their digital platforms to engage with important issues and have leveraged new digital tools to make their enterprises flourish, explained Beatrice Carpvik, Creative Director at Consid.

The newest addition to the array of awards is the Digital Rising Star of the Year. This award has only been presented once before, to Petra Tungården, the founder of Adoore. This year’s nominees include Linnéa Kornehed Falck, Einride, Nastaran Baleng-Soultani, Space Academy, Stina Ehrensvärd, Yubico, and Ofelia Vidstedt, a marketing consultant and podcaster. The award is granted to an individual or initiative that has emerged as a rising star in the digital sphere during the year, demonstrating in one way or another their potential to significantly contribute to future digital developments. One of the nominees, Ofelia Vidstedt, appeared on the Digital Influencer Podcast and shared her thoughts on her nomination:

– During the week when I received the nomination, I felt like I was working tirelessly, and it seemed like nothing was happening. It takes so much time, and this is the only thing I do. So, receiving this nomination felt extremely honorable, and I was deeply moved that people acknowledge the effort I put in.

The issue of gender equality is one of Consid’s core concerns. Thus, the eQualizer of the Year award was introduced to honor an individual who has commendably advanced the cause of gender equality in the IT industry and played a significant role in the industry’s development regarding gender equality and inclusion. This year’s nominees are Susanna Moen and Sara Norrbom of Womensync, artist Loreen, Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, Director-General of the Agency for Civil Contingencies, and Robert Fux, a TV presenter and drag artist.

– The eQualizer of the Year is an extension of the work we conduct within Q by Consid. By recognizing and highlighting individuals whose dedication and efforts have made a difference, we hope to inspire more to follow in their footsteps, emphasized Anna Edstedt, Head Q by Consid.

The nominees for the Digital Honorary Award of the Year and the War Child Award by Consid will remain confidential until the award ceremony on November 18th when the winners in each category will be revealed.

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