Jula Holding honored as the winner of this year’s Sitevision Award

Last night, on October 17th, the winners of the prestigious Sitevision Awards 2023 were announced. During the awards dinner, Consid's client, Jula Holding, was named the winner in the Best Intranet category.

Alexander Gustafsson, responsible for Consid's platform deliveries
Alexander Gustafsson, responsible for Consid's platform deliveries

– We are incredibly proud to have been a part of the development of Jula Holding’s intranet. The collaboration between Consid and Jula Holding has been everything one could wish for, and we are very satisfied with the results achieved with the intranet. Jula Holding is a well-

deserving winner of this year’s Sitevision Award, said Alexander Gustafsson, Business Development Manager for Sitevision at Consid.

The Sitevision Awards are presented annually to the websites and intranets created in Sitevision that stand out and excel in their purpose while effectively reaching their target audience.

In 2021, the Jula Holding group chose to take the next step in their digital transformation by adopting a new shared intranet platform. The significance of this new intranet, from a group perspective, is that all Jula Holding’s subsidiary companies are now represented in the new intranet.

The intranet incorporates features and information flows where Sitevision’s personalization engine is fully leveraged to reach the right employees with the right information on the right device at the right time. Several times a week, targeted information is now posted for employees, providing them with the tools to perform their jobs more effectively.

– It’s a challenge to create an intranet that doesn’t add unnecessary information for employees but rather carefully targets the right audience. Moreover, building an intranet that lives up to the expectations of user-friendliness that employees are accustomed to from social media, apps, and e-commerce websites used in their daily lives presents an additional challenge. The Sitevision platform has much to offer in this regard, which is why it was selected for Jula Holding’s intranet, said Alexander Gustafsson.

This year, Sitevision Awards were presented in three categories: Best Marketing Website, Best Intranet, and Best Public Information Website. The motivation for Jula Holding’s victory reads:

“The winner in the Best Intranet category aims high, and it shows. With a clear operational focus, the intranet is centered on the employee. An engaging, social, and clear intranet that meets the needs of employees regardless of their position. The solution demonstrates technical excellence and a high level of ambition for a digital workplace characterized by knowledge exchange, interaction, and transparency.”

Consid clients dominate among the finalists in the Sitevision Award

During the Sitevision Days, the most outstanding websites and intranets are awarded the prestigious Sitevision Award every year. As we approach the 2023 awards ceremony, Consid clients constitute 50 percent of all the finalists.
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Jula Challenges the Concept and Potential of an Intranet

Jula Holding is advancing digitally with a new intranet for the entire conglomerate. In collaboration with Consid, they have been challenging the boundaries of what an intranet is and can be. The newly developed intranet is built on the Sitevision platform.
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