Consid in media: IT Watch repports on Consid’s first six months in Denmark

The Danish online magazine IT Watch reported on Monday about Consid’s progress in Denmark. Among other things, Carl Hagberg, CEO of Consid in Denmark, discussed the plans for expansion within Denmark, the possibility of acquisitions, and the significance of the new office.

Consid’s entry into Denmark was part of the company’s five-year plan to become the largest IT firm in the Nordic region. In a previous interview with IT Watch, Consid’s CEO, Peter Hellgren, referred to Denmark as the “gateway to Europe” and a key element in building a larger international presence. Carl Hagberg told IT Watch that he already sees the need to expand the Danish operations.

– We can see that within the coming year, we need to establish ourselves in Jylland. We have not yet made a decision on the exact location, but it is highly likely that we will come to Jylland next year.

The investment in Denmark has amounted to approximately two million Danish kroner, around three million Swedish kronor. Further expansion would involve a comparable financial commitment, although the goal is to achieve the establishment in Jylland through organic growth. However, Carl Hagberg is open to the possibility of acquisitions to enter the market.

– We will need to put in as much effort as we have done in Copenhagen, but it is a bit difficult to say how much investment we will need. However, I can say that we will be operational at a location in Jylland within the coming year.

Consid has had a promising start in Denmark. IT Watch reports that the company has secured seven customers, received a warm reception, aims to double its workforce to 20 employees by the end of the year, and aims to claim the title of Denmark’s best employer.

– It involves finding a balance between work and personal life, being able to manage everything else – family, exercise, or whatever one is interested in – in harmony with one’s work and finding meaning in it, says Carl Hagberg to IT Watch.

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