The Swedish Government’s Budget – an impediment to the development of Digitalization

The autumn budget is a tremendous disappointment. The investments in AI, digitalization, and IT infrastructure are conspicuous by their absence - at a time when strengthening these very areas is crucial for Sweden's future and for lifting Sweden out of the economic downturn, writes Peter Hellgren in an op-ed in Göteborgs-Posten.

Peter Hellgren, CEO at Consid
Peter Hellgren, CEO at Consid

The government talks about the need to ‘build a stronger Sweden,’ and that’s a commendable ambition. However, where are the concrete measures to promote digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI)? In an era where digitalization is the key to increased competitiveness, new job opportunities, and a sustainable future, it is worrisome that these aspects are being overlooked. The budget lacks a clear vision for how we will address the upcoming challenges in one of the country’s most significant sectors.

At a time when digitalization and AI are critical to addressing society’s challenges, a much bolder investment is needed to future-proof Sweden. We must prioritize digitalization, broad technological competence, and innovation to keep pace with the world.

As a business leader in the technology industry for over two decades, I have seen how politics all too often tries to find its own solutions to our common challenges. This year’s budget proposal is no exception. It’s time for policymakers to tap into the knowledge and experience that the industry has and use it as a basis for their investments. Broad initiatives are needed, not just for the traditional education system. The autumn budget threatens to further slow down the digitalization of Sweden and hinder innovation, as well as Sweden’s position in the AI race.

Read the entire op-ed here.

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