Successful establishment of Consid in Norway

IT company Consid’s expansion to Norway has been a success. After only six months, the office already has around 30 employees, and approximately ten more are on the way.

– It has exceeded all expectations. We had expected a stable establishment, but we could never have thought that we would have employed close to 30 people already, says Steffen Breen, head of Consid’s office in Oslo.

There is a glaring skills shortage in Norway, and the IT industry is particularly affected. The Norwegian government has invested hundreds of millions of NOK to strengthen and expand the IT infrastructure. Among others, it concerns Altinn, a public reporting portal, NAV, which corresponds to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Arbetsförmedlingen, and the Police. The IT investments in the public sector are vast and long-term in Norway, and the enormous oil coffers also back them up. At the same time, not many people have competence in IT and tech. Despite that, Steffen Breen has not encountered any problems with recruitment.

-Despite very tough competition, we have managed to recruit strong consultants. I think it has to do with Consid being such a reliable and stable company in Sweden. With 20 years of experience and average growth of around 25-30 percent per year, Consid is a good employer, says Steffen Breen.

Steffen Breen, office manager at Consid Norway
Steffen Breen, office manager at Consid Norway.

Consid has over SEK 1.5 billion turnovers annually and more than 1,500 coworkers. Consid was recently named Sweden’s Best Employer, and Dagens Industri has awarded the company one of Sweden’s fastest-growing companies for nine years.

Several large customers were already included in the establishment in Norway – and many more have been added.

– For us, it is essential to be on-site close to our customers. We are a company that is seen and heard, says Steffen Breen.

Consid is one of the Nordic region’s fastest growing companies, with offices in around 30 cities, mainly in Sweden and Norway. The company offers consulting services in IT, communication, and business development. When Consid was to continue its expansion, Norway was an obvious choice. Norway has strong customer demand and was a decisive and great opportunity for solid recruitment.

Steffen Breen himself is newly recruited to Consid. He has worked in sales and marketing in various leading positions for over ten years. Most recently, he held the position of manager at Dynamicweb Software.

During the autumn, Steffen Breen will hire another ten people, mainly in .NET, system development, and system architecture.

-Autumn will be inspiring. Partly with all new customers, but also with building a stable team here in Norway, says Steffen Breen.

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