Consid Gefle IF Award to Maja Westling


This year’s Consid Gefle IF Award goes to Maja Westling, Gefle IF women’s team. The scholarship is awarded for the third year to recognize female role models in Gefle IF.

Consid, together with Gefle IF, hands out the scholarship Consid Gefle IF Awards, for the third year in a row. The scholarship is awarded to a female player in Gefle IF that is considered a team player and stand as an example to other club members through her sportsmanship and team spirit. The motivation for this year’s winner Maja Westling reads:


Maja Westling.

“She is a role model both on and off the pitch. She wants everyone’s best in all situations, but at the same time, she is not afraid to speak up when necessary. She is a true role model!”

The IT company Consid has 37 offices throughout Sweden and was established in Gävle in 2019. The company works actively with inclusion and diversity and wants to be a role model regarding equality. Part of that work is to get more women into the IT industry and elevate female role models through initiatives such as the Consid Gefle IF Awards. Consid’s equality platform is the basis for the scholarship.

It is Gefle IF that, together with the IT company Consid, appoints the scholarship holder. The club leaders nominate three players from which Consid selects the winner in consideration with the club. The idea is that the scholarship will go to a player in Gefle IF who works for an including culture in the team and the association, both on and off the pitch.

– Equality is something we at Consid value highly and continually work to promote, and elevating female role models are part of that. Through the Consid Gefle IF Award, we want to contribute to a more inclusive climate. We are very proud to be awarding the scholarship to a female role model for the third year, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

Previous scholarships have been awarded to Alva Skoglund, 2021, and Ebba Gavlén, 2020.

The scholarship is SEK 5,000.

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