Consid’s Heartwarming Tradition: 200 Children Join Bring Your Child to Work Day

On Wednesday, Consid's offices were opened up to the next generation. Children of all ages on their autumn break filled the premises to learn coding and play Minecraft. A successful day in many parts of Sweden.

Bring Your Child to Work Day has become a tradition at Consid. The first time it was organized was in 2018. Around 200 children were present at Consid’s offices on Wednesday.

– We encourage parents to bring their children to their workplaces to show them what they actually do during the day. Being present helps satisfy curiosity and provides understanding. We believe a themed day like this benefits everyone, says Amanda Heldring, project manager at Consid.

During Bring Your Child to Work Day in Jönköping, both Jönköpingsposten and P4 Jönköping were on site reporting.

Emma Fagerkvist, soon to be 13 years old, was pleased with the day:

– It feels good to be here, I’ve even done some programming earlier, she told Jönköpingsposten’s reporter.

For dad, consultant manager Niclas Fagerkvist, it’s a way to pass on the interest in IT.

– There are simple means to introduce programming in a playful way, and it feels fantastic that Consid can provide this.

Oskar Liljegrahn, HR in Jönköping, was interviewed by P4’s reporter.

Why have you brought the children to work today?

– It’s a way for us to introduce the children to programming, of course, also a day for them to have fun and see what their parents do at their workplace. Try out, have a bit of pizza, and play some Minecraft on their autumn break.

Programming is one thing, but for the children to come here and gain an understanding of what their parents do during the day – what significance do you think that holds?

– We believe it’s very important to have a balance between work and leisure. In that regard, it’s important for the children to understand what their parents do at work and what it entails, just as it’s beneficial for parents to be involved in preschool or school, says Oskar Liljegrahn.

Developers teach children programming in Scratch

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Consid Youth Education is our initiative to promote a technology interest in children. We organize several programming courses.
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