New opportunities arise for Consid on the West Coast – VGR in framework agreement

Västra Götalandsregionen (VGR) joins Adda's framework agreement, part of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions IT consultancy agreement. Consid is one of eight suppliers included in the agreement and may potentially provide IT services to the region.

Ulumo Ali, Key Account Manager at Consid in Gothenburg.
Ulumo Ali, Key Account Manager at Consid in Gothenburg.
Carl Hagberg
Carl Hagberg, Sales Director at Consid.

With its 1.7 million inhabitants and 49 municipalities, Västra Götalandsregionen is one of Sweden’s largest regions in terms of both size and population. This places high demands on the region’s IT systems, something the eight suppliers in the agreement will have the opportunity to assist with.

– When it comes to the public sector along the West Coast, this is one of the most prestigious assignments one can undertake. VGR is the region’s largest employer, and as a growing IT company in Västra Götaland, we want to contribute to societal benefit, says Carl Hagberg, Sales Director for Consid in Sweden.

VGR calls for tenders will be conducted through renewed competitive procurement. This means that all suppliers in the framework agreement will have the opportunity to respond to the calls before allocation. Consid, along with seven other suppliers, is included.

For almost two years, Ulumo Ali has been the Key Account Manager for Consid’s collaboration with VGR and is therefore familiar with the region’s work, needs, and challenges.

– An agreement like this is a significant milestone that can open doors to new business opportunities for Consid. Through the new agreement, we can strengthen our position in the market and gain insights that can be applied in future projects.

The agreement runs until September 25, 2026. Ulumo points to the regions’ large and diverse areas of responsibility as a great opportunity for Consid’s expertise.

– We have expertise for everything, really; developing tailored IT systems and software solutions that meet VGR’s specific needs in areas such as healthcare, public transport, culture, and regional waste management – there are benefits of digitization throughout the organization, she says, providing another example.

– In such large organizations, digital tools and platforms are something that facilitates communication, both internally and externally.

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