Stångåstaden leaps into the future of the customer journey with AI

Stångåstaden, the leading housing company in Linköping, continues to bolster its digital presence. The company is now placing significant emphasis on strengthening and actively developing its brand, digital presence, and the digital customer journey - utilizing advanced AI technology. As a strategic partner, Stångåstaden has chosen the IT and communication company Consid.

Alice Fahlén, Consid.
Alice Fahlén, Consid.
Heidi Berger, marknadschef, Stångåstaden
Heidi Berger, marknadschef, Stångåstaden

Stångåstaden has a fantastic platform that we look forward to continuing to develop in collaboration with the company. The focus will be on taking a step into the future customer journey. AI will undoubtedly play a role, says Alice Fahlén, customer manager at Consid.

Stångåstaden is Linköping’s largest housing company and an active player in Sweden’s public utility sector. With a vision to stay one step ahead, Stångåstaden aims to continue strengthening and activating its brand, digital presence, and the digital customer journey in the coming years. To assist in this effort, the company sought a proactive partner with experience in the field and innovative skills. After a thorough procurement process, it became clear that Consid was the sought-after partner. Consid will bring expertise in areas such as AI, data analysis, and data-driven communication.

“We are currently a strong player in the local market, with a full in-house team of eight people responsible for the entire group’s communication and marketing. We look forward to continuing our journey with Consid. They have the breadth of skills we were looking for, all under one roof. This means they will be able to support us in various ways, both strategically, tactically, and operationally,” says Heidi Berger, marketing and communications manager at Stångåstaden.

The context in which Stångåstaden operates is broad, involving a varied and complex need for services in digital content marketing, targeted at both existing customers and external stakeholders.

For over 20 years, Consid has helped both large and small companies in both the public and private sectors strengthen their brand and digital presence.

“What Stångåstaden was looking for was a proactive partner with experience in activating strong brands primarily in the digital arena. What was sought after included competence in how AI, data analysis, and data-driven approaches can be applied to communication and marketing. These are exactly the skills we have at Consid,” says Alice Fahlén.

The new collaboration will take effect from January next year.

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