Innovation meets charity as the IT City participates in Musikhjälpen

On Thursday, Växjö's IT strength transforms Stortorget into a tech oasis for the benefit of Musikhjälpen. Alongside several leading IT and tech companies in the city, visitors will have the opportunity to experience VR and AI in the true festive spirit while contributing to a world without hunger.

Consid was featured in SVT (Swedish public television) during the Musikhjälpen week.

– For a long time, Växjö has been known for having one of Sweden’s strongest IT clusters. We are delighted to contribute to Musikhjälpen collectively, showcasing the incredible expertise in Växjö. We want visitors to explore new technologies like AI and VR, says Anna Erlandsson of the IT company Consid.

In the middle of Stortorget in Växjö, three Swedish profils moved in on Monday evening to carry out Musikhjälpen for a week, aiming to raise funds for a world without hunger.

On Thursday, several of Växjö’s IT companies will take over the square under the initiative of IT-staden Växjö, not only raising funds for Musikhjälpen but also allowing visitors to explore VR and AI in the true holiday spirit.

– Växjö is one of Sweden’s most IT-dense cities with many major IT companies. Even though we may be competitors in other respects, this week, we want to gather around the cause of eradicating hunger and share our passion for new technology, says Peter Bäckrud, office manager for Consid in Växjö.

IT-staden Växjö comprises several IT companies, aiming to establish Växjö as one of Sweden’s hubs for technological development and tech. Companies present on Thursday at Stortorget include Dizparc, HRM, Consid, and Växjö Science Park. Between 10:00 – 22:00, they will offer mulled wine, and visitors can submit wish lists to the IT Santa, create AI-powered holiday cards, experience VR, and, most importantly, contribute to Musikhjälpen’s fundraising.

– This is our way of contributing in multiple ways, primarily to Musikhjälpen’s fundraising but also to showcase the incredible career opportunities in Växjö within IT and tech. It will be a fantastic week with hopefully many visitors on Stortorget, says Anna Erlandsson.

Consid also had its own donation box. As a bonus, the company’s CEO, Peter Hellgren, reveals that Consid will match all donations.

– We will do that. For us, it’s a matter of sustainability. We are actively working to strengthen our sustainability efforts. Musikhjälpen and this year’s cause contribute to achieving the goals of Agenda 2030, says Peter Hellgren.

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