Kick-off for Q by Consid’s Sweden tour

Self-leadership is the key to success and well-being in today's hectic life. When the Q by Consid platform kicks off its Sweden tour in Norrköping in early February, they do so with lecturer and business developer Anna Svalling, known for her expertise in everyday efficiency. During the evening, she will share insights on leading oneself through stressful days and how we can grow as individuals while creating meaningful relationships.

Ann Svalling.

Being able to lead oneself actively is one of the most important skills for being a valued employee and achieving your personal goals. At least according to lecturer and business developer Anna Svalling, who will be in Norrköping in early February to lecture on the topic of everyday efficiency.

– I want to inspire and contribute to people and organizations around me having more fun, feeling better, and constantly evolving, says Ann Svalling.

The key in Ann Svalling’s philosophy is about being able to lead oneself in the often stressful everyday life. How can we grow as individuals and achieve our goals while contributing to each other’s development and having fun? In short, how do you lead and strengthen yourself to both feel good, achieve your goals, and at the same time have good relationships with colleagues, bosses, and those you work for?

– I hope they have a fun and inspiring evening and that they feel strengthened in different ways when they go home. Someone may feel so inspired that they actually change something in their life for the better. That’s the absolute best thing I know when I meet someone again who tells me they’ve changed a habit or even changed the direction of their life for the better, says Ann Svalling.

It is the equality platform Q by Consid that organizes the event in Norrköping. Q by Consid was started in 2013 with the goal of contributing to a more gender-equal business world with a focus on the IT and tech industry. Today, Q by Consid is present in over 40 locations in Sweden and organizes events like this, offers mentors through the Q Mentoria mentorship, and works to empower women in the workplace and change structures and norms to promote gender equality in societal development.

– Last year, we gathered over a thousand people in various instances for networking evenings, seminars, and inspirational lectures. It’s always enjoyable to bring together a group of people who have never met and create an evening of new insights and encounters. The event in Norrköping will be the first one we do in 2024, says Anna Edstedt, national responsible for Q by Consid.

Q by Consid


Q by Consid is Consid's community for gender equality - a platform through which we work for increased gender equality in the tech industry.
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