IT and communications company expands in Jönköping

Consid has outgrown its 1100 square meter premises in Atollen, Jönköping, and is currently undertaking an expansion project to add an additional 360 square meters within the same building. This will provide a total area of nearly 1500 square meters for the company’s 140 employees, offering them a scenic view overlooking the lake Munksjön.

– The need for more space has become imperative. Over the past year alone, we have successfully recruited over 30 individuals, and we anticipate hiring an additional 30 before the year’s end. When the opportunity arose after New York Legends vacated their premises, we decided to seize it, explains Magnus Norén, the Office Manager responsible for Consid’s Jönköping branch.

While Consid has its headquarters in Jönköping, it has established a presence in more than 40 locations throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Poland. Despite the prevailing economic downturn, the company has remarkably achieved robust financial performance, earning the prestigious title of “Sweden’s Best Employer” twice.

In 2017, Consid relocated to the state-of-the-art Atollen facility, taking over the premises previously occupied by Team Sportia. Magnus Norén emphasizes the critical role that the company’s premises play in attracting top talent and fostering a work environment characterized by enthusiasm and innovation.

– Our offices transcend the concept of a mere workplace; they serve as dynamic hubs where our employees can connect and collaborate, extending beyond traditional working hours. We aim to cultivate an atmosphere and corporate culture that embodies agility, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. Our offices provide an environment that stimulates fresh, bold, and unrestricted thinking, states Magnus Norén.

The Jönköping office has been recognized as one of Sweden’s most stylish workplaces, and the newly expanded section will naturally reflect the same distinctive aesthetic.

– I take great pleasure in curating Consid’s office spaces. My objective is to create timeless meeting places where individuals feel a sense of belonging and are inspired to remain. Each property possesses a unique narrative and distinctive energy. The foremost objective is to discern and absorb this essence and subsequently shape a space that fosters collaboration, expresses Sofia Nilsson, the newly appointed Interior and Facility Manager at Consid.

Sofia Nilsson consistently collaborates with local furniture manufacturers and suppliers, placing a strong emphasis on quality and sustainability. The driving force behind their endeavors is creativity, uniting all aspects of their work.

– I am well aware that maintaining momentum and successfully completing projects necessitates a significant degree of structure, discipline, and meticulousness. This undertaking encompasses a broad range of responsibilities, encompassing everything from designing inviting, elegant champagne bars and grandiose entrances to making informed decisions regarding waste management systems and implementing robust security measures, adds Sofia Nilsson.

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