Ellinor Hallett: If everything is prioritized, then nothing is prioritized

Project manager and Sitevision specialist Ellinor Hallett, who was appointed as Sitevision’s Most Valuable Professional 2022, graces the pages of Sitevision’s blog to expound on the significance of prioritization on one’s website and the strategies for achieving success.

“The adage “If everything is prioritized, nothing is prioritized” implies that when all elements are deemed equally important or highly prioritized, the concept of “priority” loses its significance, as there is nothing that holds greater importance or urgency than anything else.

Prioritizing content on a website holds substantial importance for several reasons. Firstly, it serves as a means to effectively and clearly communicate the website’s core purpose or message to visitors. By focusing on the most vital and relevant content, visitors can swiftly and easily grasp the essence of the website and comprehend the benefits they can derive from it.

Secondly, a prioritized content hierarchy aids in guiding visitors through the website and facilitates their ability to locate desired information. By placing the most relevant content at the top of the page and employing a logical structure and organization of the content, visitors can navigate the website smoothly and achieve their goals efficiently.

Lastly, a prioritized content hierarchy also contributes to improving search engine optimization (SEO) on the website by focusing on keywords and phrases that are relevant to the website’s purpose and target audience. By strategically utilizing keywords and phrases in page titles, headings, and other crucial areas of the website, one can increase the likelihood of the website ranking higher in search engine results.”


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