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Consid Excellerate, established in 2019 with the aim of securing expertise in the ever-evolving IT industry, proudly reflects on an incredibly rewarding first half of 2023. Throughout the spring, we have had the privilege of providing competency development to over 1,000 individuals through more than 60 instructor-led courses, both externally and internally.

– With Excellerate, we have built a brand where we can assist our partners in their growth and goal achievement. Our successes highlight the need for continuous competence development, and it is truly inspiring to share our extensive expertise to accelerate the learning of others, says Charlotte Magnusson, Head of Education at Consid.

At Consid, we believe in practicing what we preach. Therefore, we have created an internal training program where our employees have the opportunity to enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge through over 20 instructor-led courses across various domains. These courses are evaluated biannually, and we update our course offerings based on identified needs.

Currently, we foresee several key areas that will require focused education in the near future. One such area is digital accessibility, as the requirements, currently applicable only to the public sector, will extend to the private sector by 2025. Additionally, IT security is becoming increasingly crucial as the new EU directive is soon to be implemented in Sweden, impacting a significantly larger number of companies than before.

Charlotte Magnusson Excellerate
Charlotte Magnusson Excellerate

To ensure the competence of future professionals, we expand our collaboration with vocational colleges across Sweden each year, providing educational support and bridging the gap between academia and industry.

– Operating in an industry that constantly propels progress forward means that companies must continually evolve to remain relevant in the market. For Excellerate, this entails keeping pace with change while supporting others on the same journey. As a consultancy firm with insights into various industries and organizations, we observe that Consid, through Excellerate, adds significant value to our partners, adds Charlotte Magnusson.

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