Dagens Opinion reports on Consid’s AI offer

Dagens Opinion reports on Consid’s communication offering and how the latest in AI affects the offering.

“They compete for the hot AI assignments.

IT consultants and digital agencies Capgemini, Tietoevry, Inuse, and Consid are vying to meet a constantly increasing demand from companies and organizations to develop AI services. The need to develop AI services for clients has increased dramatically for IT consultants and digital agencies traditionally equipped to deliver the latest technology. At the same time, competition for assignments is extensive and comes from several directions.

Consid has seen a “dramatic” increase in demand for AI solutions in Sweden in recent years.

– According to a report from the Swedish AI Society, the Swedish AI market was valued at SEK 12.9 billion in 2020, representing a 25 percent growth from the previous year. The report also predicts that the Swedish AI market will continue to grow at an annual rate of 28 percent until 2025. We are certainly noticing this increase at Consid. However, it is difficult to estimate a value or even talk about the number of requests, as they often appear as part of a whole package of customer requests, says Nathalie Besèr, Communications and Sustainability Manager at Consid.

Nathalie Besèr, Communications Manager Consid
Nathalie Besèr, Communications Manager Consid

She sees a great need to educate existing staff further and hire people with AI expertise.

– At Consid, we have an AI manager who ensures we can deliver the best competence in AI. We also have several internal training courses that certify our consultants in various AI solutions.

The competitors Consid sees are the consulting companies “that stand firm in terms of digital competence.”

– Consid is an IT company that has developed over time also to offer PR and communication services. It is good to have development and programming at the bottom when offering suitable AI solutions.

How are you affected by the AI trend?

– We see an enormous increase in demand.

How well are you prepared and positioned to meet the increased demand for AI services?

– Maybe the best on the market? After all, we are an IT company and, for many years, have developed AI solutions and implemented several of the AI solutions that our largest Swedish companies use today, mainly in the grocery trade and the automotive industry. For a long time, we have also reflected on the problems with AI and how to avoid several threats that AI entails. We develop sustainable AI solutions. One must be aware of the disadvantages of AI to create the best solutions.

Will AI become a hygiene factor for companies and organizations like websites?

– Isn’t that already today?

So far, the demand is mainly for more straightforward AI solutions, according to Nathalie Besèr.

– Search tool.

– Chatbots and virtual assistants, computer programs that use AI to enable customers to get answers to their questions and access services around the clock.

– Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves using software robots to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks, such as data entry and invoice processing.

– Fraud detection that identifies patterns that indicate criminal activity.

Consid sees four AI areas that could become big soon:

– NLP (Natural Language Processing) is an area within AI that deals with the interaction between computers and humans using natural language. In the future, we can expect more advanced NLP solutions that can understand and generate more complex natural languages.

– Personalization. The process of tailoring products, services, or experiences to individual customers. With the help of AI, companies can collect and analyze large amounts of customer data to provide more personalized recommendations, campaigns, and experiences.

– Autonomous systems. Future advances in autonomous systems could significantly impact the transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

– Generative AI is an area within AI that involves creating new data such as images, videos, and text. With the help of generative AI, we can create highly realistic photos and videos and generate human-like text. We can expect more advanced generative AI solutions that can create valuable and versatile content in the future, says Nathalie Besèr.”

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