Consid’s growth strategy: Creating a fun and homely work environment

Swedish media outlet, NWT, has recently published a detailed report on the unique corporate culture of IT consulting firm, Consid. According to the article, the company’s philosophy for success is centered around ensuring that employees enjoy their jobs, both during and outside of work hours. Consid has been able to achieve this by providing fun activities for staff and building impressive offices.

“Located in the old post office in Karlstad, Consid’s office has become a popular destination for IT consultants and developers seeking employment. The company has experienced remarkable growth, expanding from zero to nearly 1,700 employees across 40 offices throughout Sweden in just over 20 years. In 2022 alone, the company hired 36 people, and they plan to hire another 15-20 in 2023.

The new office in Karlstad, which opened in 2020, features a mix of old historical architecture and modern design elements. The building’s central location and unique design reflect Consid’s office policy of creating attractive and convenient workspaces. According to Louise Hulterström, a salesperson at Consid, the office aims to feel comfortable and homely rather than grandiose.”


Read the whole article here. 

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