Consid’s Poland Manager to Speak at Poznan University

Giovanni Spychalski, CEO of Consid Poland, has been invited to deliver a lecture at Poznan University's business school.

Giovanni Spychalski
Giovanni Spychalski

– It feels tremendously exciting. Being an alumnus of Poznan myself, returning to share my journey with students, impart my experiences, and inspire others is a prospect I eagerly anticipate,” says Giovanni Spychalski.

In autumn 2022, Consid announced the opening of an office in Warsaw. Since then, Giovanni Spychalski has created and developed Consid’s Nearshore offer. Barely two years in, the venture has already yielded unique business opportunities for Consid, primarily targeting the UK and USA markets.

– We predominantly serve clients outside Poland, where we possess our strongest competitive advantages. Working towards the USA and UK demands a specific mindset and approach – aspects I’ll emphasize in my lecture at Poznan University.

Giovanni Spychalski is the General Manager and Board Member at Consid Poland. With an extensive professional background Giovanni has excelled in various roles, including procurement, consulting, entrepreneurship, sales, customer service and project management. This diverse experience has provided him with a profound understanding of business and delivery processes, enhancing his ability to serve clients effectively.

Before his current role at Consid, Giovanni was a New Business Manager at The Software House in Poland, from June to December 2022. During his tenure, he was instrumental in scaling up technology-first companies by providing agile software development teams, significantly leveling up their digital processes through a SCRUM-based agile methodology. The Software House was recognized by Clutch as the most highly-recommended software development company in Poland in 2020.

Additionally, Giovanni co-founded Art Dealers, serving as the Co-Founder and Tech Lead from January 2021 to October 2022. This platform revolutionized the way exceptional art is bought and sold, simplifying transactions with elegance and efficiency.

From November 2020 to June 2022, Giovanni enhanced partnership and event management at Merixstudio in Poland. His responsibilities included fostering business relationships and organizing events that aligned with the company’s strategic goals.

His earlier roles include Account Relationship Manager at CPi worldwide in Cologne, Germany, from June 2019 to June 2022, where he developed his language skills and sales competencies, and Sales Support at Onwelo in Poznan, Poland, from June 2018 to May 2019.

Fluent in English, French, German, Polish, and Czech, Giovanni has a unique capability to manage diverse teams and navigate various cultural contexts. His commitment to continuous learning and adaptation makes him a supportive and collaborative leader in the nearshoring industry.

His speech at Poznan University is part of the university’s effort to forge closer ties with the business community and its alumni. The lecture by the Consid executive will be incorporated into the curriculum of one of the university’s business courses. Poznan University envisions significant potential in fostering mentorship relationships between students and alumni in the future.

– At a later stage, if the initiative develops well, we are thinking about personal mentoring for students finishing their studies, in which our distinguished graduates could be involved, says the university’s vice chancellor, Maciej Szymczak.

Giovanni Spychalski considers it a great honor to be asked.

– Naturally, it is. Having walked those corridors, attended lectures, and the like, returning in the role of a lecturer perhaps wasn’t something I envisioned. At least, not so soon. I may lack the academic credentials typically required. Still, I do know a thing or two about giving back and inspiring others to take chances when an entrepreneur from Sweden presents an establishment plan for Poland.

Consid’s Nearshore offer

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