Poland’s largest tech podcast highlights Consid

Consid’s Poland CEO, Giovanni Spychalski, was recently interviewed on one of Poland’s largest tech podcasts, “Porozmawiajmy o it” (Let’s Talk About IT). The episode discussed Consid’s successes in Poland, how Consid’s unique corporate culture differs from Polish companies, and finding work-life balance.

– I experienced a very positive culture at Consid that I haven’t experienced anywhere else. We’re trying to adopt it here in Poland, but of course, with a twist. It’s about the people we recruit and the value they bring, says Giovanni Spychalski on the podcast.

Consid expanded to Poland last spring under the leadership of Giovanni Spychalski. The Swedish company has a long history of a strong corporate culture that puts employees at the center and has been named “Sweden’s best employer” for two consecutive years. In recent years, Consid has expanded to several countries in Northern Europe, emphasizing the preservation of the Swedish corporate culture while adapting to local customs, all in order to create a workplace where employees feel at home.

Giovanni Spychalski describes Consid’s expansion into Poland as a clash of cultures. The Polish way he had become accustomed to after eight years in the IT industry at home is different from Consid’s corporate culture, which is based on a flat organization where everyone’s voices and competences are valued equally. He describes greater autonomy, both for himself and the employees at the Warsaw office.

– In Poland, it’s very clear, a bit hierarchical. You have a goal, then you have a description of how to achieve it, you have people you need to ask, who you should do it with, and so on. The Swedish model relies more on personal responsibility. We established ourselves in Poland with the goal of building a strong company and brand here. The question of ‘how?’ was something we had to figure out along the way. It was an adjustment for me. I was used to needing to ask someone before doing anything,” explains Giovanni Spychalski.

The podcast discussion focused heavily on the cultural differences between Consid’s approach to building a company and success and what the two Polish individuals are accustomed to.

– The whole process has been driven by what I wanted. Initially, I was supposed to be involved in sales, but i already had a vision how to build the company. As we progressed, we ended up discussing how I saw Consid’s opportunities in Poland, and I was given the trust to take charge. When I visited Consid’s offices in Sweden, I saw a strong sense of responsibility. It felt like everyone was an entrepreneur running the company themselves. They were all genuinely invested in the company’s success, and I want to bring that same wow-factor here.

They also talked about the size of Consid. In their home country, they have around 1600 employees and have been in the industry for over 20 years—a big company.

– We’re pretty new here, more like a startup. For me, joining Consid in Poland came down to three factors: dynamics, size, and engagement. I want to feel engaged in what I do, so a smaller company works well. It brings a lot of energy to the daily work. But that is a preference, and frankly the output having in minds the 3 factors i mentioned.  Maybe your result is that you’d prefer a bigger company with clear guidelines. There’s no right answer, but when you combine those three factors, you usually find the right fit. For me, Consid aligned perfectly with how I see myself and my situation.´

Listen to the podcast here.

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