Consid’s Head of Digital Marketing nominated for Employer Branding Role Model of the Year

Joakim Andersson, Head of Digital Marketing at Consid, has been designated as one of the Employer Branding Role Models of the Year by Career Companies (Karriärföretagen). For over five years, he has played a significant role in shaping the brand and Employer Branding of Sweden’s best employer. This journey has encompassed various trends and the growth of the company.

– It is incredibly gratifying to be nominated for an award that resonates with what we highly value and invest in at Consid. We constantly strive to find new avenues to strengthen Consid’s employer brand from all aspects – through activities such as hackathons, events, e-sport tournaments, campaigns, sustainability efforts, and much more. Thanks to our exceptionally talented colleagues and motivated employees, we have come a long way on our Employer Branding journey, and it feels particularly rewarding to be recognized in this context, says Joakim Andersson.

It was over five years ago that Joakim Andersson began his journey at Consid. Since then, the company has increased its number of employees and offices by nearly 300 percent. Over the years, the company has been recognized as Sweden’s best employer and received numerous awards for its marketing and employer branding. Joakim Andersson attributes the key to this success to the workplace environment and welcoming atmosphere at Consid, which makes building Employer Branding a straightforward task.

– I would say that a prerequisite for effective employer branding is a welcoming, inspiring, and engaging work culture. This is something highly valued at Consid, and our HR and recruitment departments have done an excellent job building it over time. From there, it’s highly rewarding to build the brand around the culture from a communicative perspective, says Joakim Andersson.

Consid is known for its innovative mix of various initiatives that bolster its employer branding, which was one of the factors that caught the attention of the Jury for the Employer Branding Role Model of the Year award. The motivation for the award reads:

“Joakim Andersson at Consid has, through his dedication and strategic vision of the employer brand, succeeded in creating an outstanding work environment where employees feel motivated and engaged. His innovative approach has not only attracted talent to the company but has also enhanced the company’s reputation as an attractive employer in the industry. By promoting inclusivity, development, and sustainability within the organization, Joakim has truly set an inspiring standard for companies striving to excel in employer branding.”

It’s easy to fall into old patterns and become outdated, but Joakim Andersson, together with Consid, has managed to stay relevant. How does one know what to focus on in relation to employer branding?

– Trends come and go, and it’s important to invest in the right ones. We constantly evaluate our efforts and seek to improve what we believe can have additional impact. E-sports is an example where we have invested with our many employees who are e-sports enthusiasts in recent years. There, we continually assess our efforts and renew them, which has led to us organizing Sweden’s largest esports tournament for companies – an event where we showcase our interest in esports and what it means to work at Consid as an esports enthusiast, says Joakim Andersson.

What are your top three tips for building effective Employer Branding?

  1. “A team is only as strong as its weakest link” – If you don’t involve everyone in the organization on the employer branding journey, it will be a challenging one. Regardless of department or role, everyone is an ambassador. We have highly engaged employees at Consid and continuously work to engage more employees, no matter the issue. This has created the conditions to further drive our employer brand.
  2. Showcase the most important element – the employees! Is there a better way to experience an employer than to get to know those who make up the workplace culture? Answer: No! We invest heavily in employee profiles and in showing what it’s like to work at Consid, featuring the incredibly competent and friendly stars who work with us.
  3. Dare to stand out in your communication! We have a history of doing things our way, the Consid way. We believe it’s extremely important that everything we do to build the employer brand reflects Consid and who we are, always trying to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

The Employer Branding Role Model of the Year award will be presented on October 4th at Career Day. On that day, the Employer Branding Company of the Year and the Career Website of the Year will also be announced, and Consid is among the finalists.

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