Consid’s Website Nominated for Prestigious Career Award

Last week, Consid proudly announced its nomination for the "Employer Branding Company of the Year" award. Now, it has been revealed that Consid's career page is also in contention for the title of "Career Page of the Year." The prestigious accolades are bestowed annually by Career Companies to recognise excellence in the field.

Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid
Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid
Joakim Andersson, Head of Digital Marketing at Consid.

– We launched a new website in the spring of 2023, and to already receive recognition of this calibre is truly gratifying. None of this would have been possible without our exceptional development team, who, in collaboration with our marketing department, ensured that everything from design and UX to technology and content meets the highest standards. Working alongside highly skilled colleagues and having a clear objective yields fantastic results, quite simply, stated Joakim Andersson.

In their nomination, Career Companies highlighted that simplicity and clear storytelling are the cornerstones of why Consid stands among the top three finalists for the nomination:

“Consid presents a clean and inviting career page that engages visitors. They employ an intriguing storytelling technique, with employees constantly at the forefront. Understanding Consid as an employer is straightforward, and it’s evident that they place significant emphasis on their employer brand. Here, one can find all the answers they seek, leaving no doubt that a team of experts stands behind Consid’s career page.”

With the new website, Consid aimed to provide visitors with an uncomplicated means of delving into the day-to-day workings of a company like Consid; the unique corporate culture that permeates the organization and its staff, explained Joakim Andersson.

– We’ve worked diligently on the new consid.com throughout the spring, with a strong focus on enhancing the candidate experience and showcasing Consid as an employer. Through our new career page, we wanted to spotlight the most vital aspect we possess – our employees and what it means to be a “Considian”, remarked Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

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At Consid, you get to work with exciting customers in various industries, develop high-tech solutions & be part of a strong, driving internal culture.
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