Consid’s Growth Continues – Gains Press on New Office in Eskilstuna

In Eskilstuna, Consid has outgrown its old office space. Recently, the company moved to a new location in central Eskilstuna. The local newspaper, Eskilstuna Kuriren, was there to cover the relocation and the rapid growth.

Jonas Jillerholm.

– We strongly believe that proximity is a crucial factor. Customers prefer to have us as experts, and they want us as close as possible, says office manager Jonas Jillerholm to the newspaper.

Consid has been present in Eskilstuna since October 2021. Over the past year, the office has grown by about 25%, making the space on Kungsgatan too small. The move to Rademachergatan was completed on December 12.

– We were about four employees at that time. By the end of 2022, we were twelve, and now we are 17. Additionally, we have three more on the way, so we’ll be 20 from January, says Jonas Jillerholm.

The centrally located 200-square-meter office can accommodate up to 26 employees and serves as a temporary solution while they search for a more permanent one, Jonas Jillerholm tells the newspaper. The goal is to find an office solution right in the heart of the city.

– We signed a lease to stay here for a year because we know we will outgrow this space. We are currently negotiating for some spaces, but it’s challenging to find good locations in this city, he adds.

Consid has nationally grown into one of Sweden’s leading IT companies with nearly 2,000 employees. The company has repeatedly demonstrated the potential outside metropolitan areas, ensuring continued growth in Eskilstuna, according to Jonas Jillerholm.

– As long as we find people willing to work for us and as long as we get assignments, we will continue to expand. The sky is the limit.

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Consid in Eskilstuna offers IT consultants & IT services within all type of IT business. The office focuses on senior .NET & Java consultants.
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