Consid Takes Part in “Rebuilding Ukraine” Initiative to Provide Support and Aid

Consid is deeply committed to Ukraine and has taken several measures to provide support to the Ukrainian people. Recently, at a high-level meeting held at the Norrsken Foundation, Nathalie Besèr, Consid’s Sustainability Manager, delivered an insightful presentation on the company’s efforts to provide psychosocial support and digital education to Ukrainian children.

Furthermore, Forever Sustainable hosted a roundtable discussion with prominent representatives from Sida, UD, Telia, and Newco to explore how Swedish companies can help in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Although Consid does not have any investments in Ukraine, the company supports children and their guardians through War Child, a renowned children’s rights organization. War Child’s award-winning education platform, “Can’t Wait to Learn,” currently provides education to almost four million Ukrainian children. Consid has played an essential role in adapting the platform for Android devices and has also built a dedicated website for War Child’s emergency response efforts, including psychological first aid, in Ukraine.

Through its unwavering commitment to supporting Ukraine’s children and communities, Consid is making a meaningful contribution to the country’s rebuilding efforts, highlighting the company’s values of social responsibility and sustainability.


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