Consid Secures Major Contract with Posten Bring in Norway

Steffen Breen, CEO at Consid Norway
Steffen Breen, CEO at Consid Norway
Peter Hellgren, vd på Consid.

Kampanje.com, Norway’s premier media house specializing in the media and communications industry, reports on Consid’s recent agreement with Posten Bring.

Consid will be one of four companies providing consultants to Posten Bring in Norway. Consid’s portion of the contract encompasses services in digital development, project management, architecture, design, and robotics.

In the Kampanje.com article, Steffen Breen, Consid’s Country Manager for Norway, expresses anticipation for the collaboration over the next three years.

– This is one of the largest agreements we’ve secured outside Sweden’s borders, which is incredibly honorable. We will do our utmost to meet Posten Bring’s expectations and truly harness the incredible expertise our consultants possess, states Steffen Breen.

Consid’s CEO, Peter Hellgren, is also quoted in the article about the contract, which will involve consultants from both the Norwegian office in Oslo and Copenhagen and Stockholm.

– It’s highly rewarding to have an agreement that spans across national borders and encompasses several of Consid’s locations. This enables us to collaborate between offices and local supplier consultants, enhancing efficiency and fostering innovation, remarks Peter Hellgren, Founder and CEO of Consid, to Kampanje.com.

The agreement marks a significant milestone in Steffen Breen and Consid’s objective to more than double their workforce, from just over 40 to breaking into triple digits.

– Next year, we should reach the next major milestone of 100 employees. Following that, we will be opening two or three new offices in Norway in the near future, Steffen Breen adds in Kampanje.

Consid is one out of four in total in their area.

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