Consid Moves into Historic Buildings in Örebro

The K-marked marble building in the city center has served as a bank for 110 years. Now, a new chapter awaits with the IT and communication company, Consid. The moving trucks are loaded, and the interior is being dismantled. Early in 2024, everything is expected to be in place for the new tenant.

Sebastian Kvarnström, the office manager for Consid in Örebro, said they had been looking for a suitable location for a long time since they had outgrown their office on Engelbrektsgatan. “This is going to be magical,” he said.

The premises at Drottninggatan 12 were built in 1909 for the Örebro Enskilda Bank. The bank later changed its name to SEB and has been located at the address until recently, when it became clear that the office space was too large.

“We are so happy that Consid chooses to move into our premises at Drottninggatan 12. Together with Consid, we will create the workplace of the future while preserving the property’s fantastic beautiful expression. This is the beginning of an exciting journey together,” said property manager Theresia Sjöström at Castello, who owns the building.

Consid opened its doors in Örebro in 2015 and today has around 60 employees. In 2022, the office saw a financial growth of SEK 57 million, an increase of 46 percent compared to the previous year. Sebastian Kvarnström looks forward to growing and making Consid even more at home in the city. With three floors available, 13 meeting rooms, and 1050 square meters, they have the chance to do just that.

Sebastian Kvarnström, Consid in Örebro.

“We will be many more during 2023. I aim to hire around 20 people during the year, mainly system developers and .Net programmers. Within three years, we will have over 120 people in Örebro,” says Sebastian Kvarnström.

The company currently has 39 offices in different locations in Sweden and has since its inception focused on the design of workplaces, including with the help of its own architects to achieve the right feel. The interest in unusual locations is also a common thread: from the old Gevalia Palace in Gävle to the old post office in Karlstad, several of the offices have been nominated for “Sweden’s most stylish office” in 2022.

Sofia Nilsson is the Interior and Facility Manager at Consid and is responsible for furnishing all of Consid’s offices.

Sofia Nilsson.

“It’s an impressive 110-year-old building with an ornate facade that catches the eye of passersby. Our goal is to breathe new life into this building and gently combine a modern and functional workplace with a historical setting,” says Sofia Nilsson.

Consid’s offices are always furnished with locally produced furniture.

“We always look for local furniture producers and suppliers, with a focus on quality and sustainability. Creativity is the life force that brings them together. And the love for old buildings. And with respect for the property’s history,” says Sofia Nilsson.

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