Consid’s Aid Efforts in Ukraine Featured in Corren Newspaper Report

The newspaper Corren has published a comprehensive report detailing Consid’s efforts to aid Ukraine, featuring Tord Strømdal, a project manager and business architect at Consid in Linköping.

“Tord Strømdal, a Norwegian, was initially motivated to volunteer as a soldier when Russia attacked Ukraine. However, he now dedicates half of his working hours to the Blue and Yellow Car, an aid organization that provides vehicles and equipment to support Ukraine.

Tord is highly skilled in adapting dialects, a result of frequently moving throughout Norway. Upon relocating to Sweden at 21, he mastered the Swedish language without an accent.

The Blue and Yellow Car began as a concrete project when Take Aanstoot announced his intention to deliver goods to Ukraine. Tord immediately joined in and helped pack the car with medical equipment, sleeping bags, and a generator. He then co-founded the Blue and Yellow Car, which has grown significantly and has provided nearly 150 vehicles to Ukraine with the help of almost 100 individuals.

Initially, Tord reduced his work hours to focus on unpaid relief work. Eventually, he was unable to continue due to financial difficulties. Consid, his employer, stepped in and agreed to provide him with half-time pay for six months to support his work with the Blue and Yellow Car.

Consid’s CEO, Peter Hellgren, emphasized the importance of supporting Ukrainians in the ongoing conflict, with the company also supporting War Child and various fundraising initiatives where they double the funds raised. He encourages other businesses to follow suit.”

The full report is available here.

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