Consid Lands Prestigious Deal With MSB

The IT and communications company Consid has won a new procurement. It concerns an allocation on a framework agreement with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB. Consid’s allocation is about sharpening the agency’s websites and digital services.

– It feels very honorable for us to secure such a significant deal. MSB is one of the most important functions of Swedish society. It is an important mission that obligates, says Carl Drejhammar, office manager at Consid Karlstad.

Carl Drejhammar at Consid in Karlstad.
Carl Drejhammar at Consid in Karlstad.

Winning such a large procurement with a player like MSB, says Drejhammar, provides a good platform for strong local growth, both in terms of finances and personnel. The hope is that the entire assignment will be handled by the Karlstad office.

– It is one of the biggest deals we have had in the office. We have the expertise in-house to drive the project and to do it in a fantastic way. Of course, there are some competencies that we already have with other clients, which means we need to look at other solutions, he says.

The agreement is valid from October and for two years with the possibility of extension for two more years, and it means that Consid has been allocated as the number one for two of the agency’s web services.

– It gives us a good conclusion to 2023 and a solid boost into 2024. Above all, it shows the competencies we have at the Karlstad office, says Louise Hulterström, key account manager and responsible for the MSB deal.

Louise Hulterström, Key Account Manager at Consid in Karlstad.
Louise Hulterström, Key Account Manager at Consid in Karlstad.

Consid is the IT company that since the turn of the millennium has established itself as one of Sweden’s absolute largest and sharpest in IT, leadership, and communication. The company employs around 2,000 people at about 40 offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Poland. The Karlstad office has quickly grown to around 60 employees and works with several of the city’s largest companies and authorities.

– Karlstad is a great place for us. It is an extremely competent office that time and time again proves what it is capable of, and MSB is definitely proof of that. Our office opened in May 2020; it was an obvious choice that has only felt better and better since then, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

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