Borlänge tidning Reports On Consid’s First Six Months In Dalarna

Six months after Consid established itself in Dalarna, Borlänge newspaper reports on the office’s first six months. After the summer, Borlänge will have its first permanent Consid office when they move into the centrally located Erssonska villa.

Consid Borlänge currently has around a dozen employees with the goal of reaching 20 before the end of the year. In addition, Per Thulemark reveals that there are plans for a second office in Dalarna.

– As it stands now, we are considering opening an office in Falun to cover larger areas than we currently do. Since about half of those who have started, are about to start, or are in dialogue with us live in Falun, it is also reasonable for us to seriously consider a sister office there, says Per Thulemark.

Per Thulemark

Before that, the Borlänge team will move into their first dedicated office. After the summer, they will relocate to the centrally located Erssonska villa, a house from the early 1900s.

– The Erssonska villa is a unique property where we can expand, grow, establish relationships, and build the Consid spirit we want to have in Dalarna, says Per Thulemark in the article.

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