Consid in media: “We are constantly looking for new colleagues”

The newspaper Sydöstran interviews Elin Santonsson and Patrik Assarsson at Consid in the article series “Here are the jobs”. In the article, readers can read about Consid’s growth, the constant need for new employees, and what IT actually entails.

If you want to be guaranteed a job in the future, entering the IT industry is a safe bet.

– We are constantly looking for new colleagues, says Elin Santonsson at Consid, with offices in Karlshamn and Karlskrona.

Things are going well for the IT company Consid. They recently won a procurement worth SEK 159 million and will work with several internal systems for the Coast Guard. This means they need to recruit ten new employees for the office in Karlskrona.

But even before the contract was finalized, Elin Santonsson, who works with HR and recruitment, had much to do.

– We are constantly looking for new colleagues. We are looking for developers, architects, and testers, among others. We have several different ads posted on our website, she says.

Why are you looking for so many new employees?

– We need more colleagues because we are getting an increased number of customers and an increased need from our existing customers.

Taking care of the staff is very important for the company, Consid has been appointed Sweden’s best employer for two years. But despite this, it can sometimes be challenging to find employees as there is a shortage of IT skills throughout Sweden.

– The competition is tough. Many around here are hiring the competent we are looking for. But thanks to BTH, the county is filled with IT skills every year, which we naturally see as positive.

How do you go about finding staff?

– Besides having advertisements out, we get many tips on future colleagues from our staff who are always fantastic at being Consid ambassadors. Then we also work a lot with marketing on social media and headhunting via platforms such as Linkedin. 

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